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Leslie Nuss: Home

Welcome to the website for NWIndiana based singer/songwriter Leslie Nuss.

New Gig - November 29, 2012

Hi, lately I've been performing as Vale of Paradise with my friend Elizabeth Brauer who plays cello. Right now we've got a local gig in Valparaiso, IN every other Saturday at a place called The Silver Spoon during Brunch from 10am to noon. It's been fun-we play some Brand New Key and Love Hurts..and some of my songs...that seems to be about all I have time for with everything else going on...



Right, so we're performing this Saturday, December 1, then Dec 15 and Dec. 29th

has it really been that long - January 30, 2012

am I a luddite?

so much inspiration and working on new songs, but have to finish them before the end of the year/end of the world

Baby #2 - April 23, 2011

I never wrote about Baby #2 because his birth was a homebirth cluster#$%^ and my tiny little premature baby turned out to have down syndrome of which I was very sad. He is a sweet little boy now and cute cute cute but has some extra delays due to the cluster$%^& surrounding his birth. Maybe I'll post a picture of him...

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