Unreleased Track now on Sound Cloud


Hi there. Been digging through the archives. So much stuff. Found this song that was recorded in 2003 that didn't make it on my 3rd album (called LESLIE NUSS). I loved the song but wasn't 100% on my vocal and my (sometimes debilitating) perfectionism got me to leave it off. But you can have a listen. It's sweet! I renamed it, "Is It Love?" rock on. http://www.soundcloud.com/leslienuss




Hi. We are in the middle of recording 5 tracks at Gravity Studios in Chicago. We, include producer Doug McBride, Keyboardist Andrew Bray, Guitarist Nic Byrd, Bassist Scott Pazera and Drummer Kevan Watson. It's going well. We did the basic tracks in 3 days back in January. Now it's going in and adding parts.

This past week I went in and did semi-acoustic with my John Gray custom arch top on 4 tracks and sang on one song, Bell Tolls. Doug and I tried out 3 microphones to get the one that captured my voice the best and chose the Bock 151. Doug asked me to put some vibrato at the end of some lines, but I had to tell him that Kyle Kelso (producer of cd#2-Action Hero Superstar) didn't like vibrato and got me to sort of eliminate it from my voice. Oh well! I tried to put some back. You can be the judge :)

Overall, the recording is going really well. I love being in the studio and creating something new. Hope you love it when all's said and done. xoxo


new album


Well, I'm back to making records again. Did two songs with my side project, Specx and now doing 10-12 or maybe even more songs in New York with producer Kyle Paas. The Specx songs are crisp and clean and the solo project is ethereal, slow and epic (for the most part.) It's enervating to be doing this again and terribly exciting-I'm up at 5:30 on the west coast because I wake up now with melodies in my head and thoughts about this project. Going on a vacation today to Alaska, brought my baby taylor and will see what happens. Specx is named after a sea captain who sailed to Japan around 1600 and to be truthful, I'm kind of scared of being on a boat. But, it seems like a once in a lifetime kind of thing plus I want to see whales and the glaciers before they all melt. 

I need to update this website so am going to get to it. thanks for reading!




Here is a link to a video of Ignore You that was shot by the amazing Dan Turek who just worked on the movie Accidental Love..Dan's so wonderful and I'm still grateful that he shot a bunch of videos for me...


as I recall, he played the song  on a boombox while holding the camera so I could lip sync...totally low brow!


Mention of our new band


You have to scroll down this article, but our new band SPECX got an early mention by Tom Lounges in the NWI Times:



Still Raising money


Here's another youtube video where I'm being interviewed about the need for inclusive playgrounds.



Mayor's Council


I'm a member of the Mayor's Council on Disabilities in Valparaiso and was mentioned in this article due to my fundraising for special needs playground equipment...



Chicago Marathon


Here's a link to my fundraising page from when I ran the Chicago Marathon in November. Crossing the finish line was amazing.



Raising money


We started raising money to provide more playground equipment that children with special needs could use. This link is not active to donate, but here's what I had to say about it:


and we even shot a music video with kids who have special needs and their siblings...



Club Wonder


For a long time, I've been involved with a group called Club Wonder that is part support group and part social group for families who have a child with special needs. We've been part of a larger organization called Opportunity Enterprises that wrote an article on us: