leslie nuss




What's new? working on the video for "The Subway" and starting a Kickstarter, wait, hang on, was told to do a Patreon to put the second ep on CD and hopefully raise money for videos, too. Not sure if I could get in the black this year, but what a great goal that would be, eh? I'm almost there with design and painting. 

Social Media is fairly easy to do though time consuming, but I have some other music things I need to get to. My son, Harry is participating in something called the Nora Project and I'm writing a song for the kids based on their mission statements. Since my daughter has told me I need to make my music more *current* I was thinking of asking the kids to write some raps. "We'll see"

Piano-still at it. Waz got me to learn "Your Song" which is so fun to play. 

Getting the Specx song, "My Baby's Got" tweaked now, never released it but am going to put it out (finally). 

Mastering is about to happen for the next ep, finishing up tracks for the 3rd ep and contemplating the 4th. Collaborating with others and as a side project decided to apply to be on Project Runway. If there was a time to be on it, this would be a good one.  I might go on a tour, too. it's one thing to say these things might happen, and another thing to make it so, but I learned the hard way not to put all my eggs in one basket. xo