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Pledge Music

Here is the official link to my now closed crowdsourcing campaign. It was helpful, so thank you for participating!

Sound Cloud

Here are some unreleased tracks, some rough mixes from the next album, two tracks that I did with my side project, Specx....and more to come. Enjoy!





I submitted a video to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2017 of a song called, "Sitting on a Rainbow" that is currently being recorded in Chicago.


This is a video for the song So Easily that was shot by the ultra-talented Dan Turek. Shot in Philadelphia. 


This is a video shot by the amazing Dan Turek for his favorite Leslie Nuss song, "Ignore You" It was shot in Hell's Kitchen, my former neighborhood in 2001. Such a fun video. There is a cameo by my roommate at the time, Eric Devlin :)


daily kos
I just like this site. it's a blog but very informative. Inform yourself!

Friends & Fans

Gravity Studios

This is the studio in Chicago where we are recording the new tracks. I also recorded my 4th CD, called "Round 3" there. Working with producer Doug McBride. He's the man!

Kyle Paas

This dude is making my new album. Check him out before he becomes a household name.

Lola Ray

3 of these guys played (beautifully) on the cd LESLIE NUSS.

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If you want to hear more, you can always go to Spotify. It has all of my music.


You can buy individual tracks from iTunes

Dawson's Creek Music Guide
Link to Dawson's Creek Season 3 DVD which features "Fragile Flower" from Heliotrope on it.

One for Everyone and special needs


This is a video for a fundraising campaign, now closed to raise money for playground equipment that can be used by all children, including those with special needs. The campaign raised over 20K and funded an inclusive merry go round and rubber flooring for the Bicentennial Playground in Valparaiso, IN.

Published on Sep 11, 2014

Opportunity Enterprise's Club Wonder member and founder of One for Everyone Leslie Nuss tells us about what  #Fundsunset means to her, why it's important to build an all natural and all-access playground at Valparaiso's Sunset Hill, and how this playground will benefit children with special needs.


This is a video and a song I did with kids who have special needs to raise money for inclusive playground equipment.


Leslie is interviewed by Steve Lattimore for Channel 56 about ValPLAYso, an all-inclusive playground in Valparaiso, IN that she served on the design committee for.

The NWI Chronicle

Last year, Leslie as a representative for the charity One for Everyone, met with the Valparaiso low vision group, then The Lions Club to secure funding for a sign in braille and English for ValPLAYso