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Unreleased Track now on Sound Cloud


Hi there. Been digging through the archives. So much stuff. Found this song that was recorded in 2003 that didn't make it on my 3rd album (called LESLIE NUSS). I loved the song but wasn't 100% on my vocal and my (sometimes debilitating) perfectionism got me to leave it off. But you can have a listen. It's sweet! I renamed it, "Is It Love?" rock on. http://www.soundcloud.com/leslienuss




Hi. We are in the middle of recording 5 tracks at Gravity Studios in Chicago. We, include producer Doug McBride, Keyboardist Andrew Bray, Guitarist Nic Byrd, Bassist Scott Pazera and Drummer Kevan Watson. It's going well. We did the basic tracks in 3 days back in January. Now it's going in and adding parts.

This past week I went in and did semi-acoustic with my John Gray custom arch top on 4 tracks and sang on one song, Bell Tolls. Doug and I tried out 3 microphones to get the one that captured my voice the best and chose the Bock 151. Doug asked me to put some vibrato at the end of some lines, but I had to tell him that Kyle Kelso (producer of cd#2-Action Hero Superstar) didn't like vibrato and got me to sort of eliminate it from my voice. Oh well! I tried to put some back. You can be the judge :)

Overall, the recording is going really well. I love being in the studio and creating something new. Hope you love it when all's said and done. xoxo


new album


Well, I'm back to making records again. Did two songs with my side project, Specx and now doing 10-12 or maybe even more songs in New York with producer Kyle Paas. The Specx songs are crisp and clean and the solo project is ethereal, slow and epic (for the most part.) It's enervating to be doing this again and terribly exciting-I'm up at 5:30 on the west coast because I wake up now with melodies in my head and thoughts about this project. Going on a vacation today to Alaska, brought my baby taylor and will see what happens. Specx is named after a sea captain who sailed to Japan around 1600 and to be truthful, I'm kind of scared of being on a boat. But, it seems like a once in a lifetime kind of thing plus I want to see whales and the glaciers before they all melt. 

I need to update this website so am going to get to it. thanks for reading!




Here is a link to a video of Ignore You that was shot by the amazing Dan Turek who just worked on the movie Accidental Love..Dan's so wonderful and I'm still grateful that he shot a bunch of videos for me...


as I recall, he played the song  on a boombox while holding the camera so I could lip sync...totally low brow!


Mention of our new band


You have to scroll down this article, but our new band SPECX got an early mention by Tom Lounges in the NWI Times:



Still Raising money


Here's another youtube video where I'm being interviewed about the need for inclusive playgrounds.



Mayor's Council


I'm a member of the Mayor's Council on Disabilities in Valparaiso and was mentioned in this article due to my fundraising for special needs playground equipment...



Chicago Marathon


Here's a link to my fundraising page from when I ran the Chicago Marathon in November. Crossing the finish line was amazing.



Raising money


We started raising money to provide more playground equipment that children with special needs could use. This link is not active to donate, but here's what I had to say about it:


and we even shot a music video with kids who have special needs and their siblings...



Club Wonder


For a long time, I've been involved with a group called Club Wonder that is part support group and part social group for families who have a child with special needs. We've been part of a larger organization called Opportunity Enterprises that wrote an article on us:



New Gig


Hi, lately I've been performing as Vale of Paradise with my friend Elizabeth Brauer who plays cello. Right now we've got a local gig in Valparaiso, IN every other Saturday at a place called The Silver Spoon during Brunch from 10am to noon. It's been fun-we play some covers...like Brand New Key and Love Hurts..and some of my songs...that seems to be about all I have time for with everything else going on...



Right, so we're performing this Saturday, December 1, then Dec 15 and Dec. 29th


has it really been that long

am I a luddite? so much inspiration and working on new songs, but have to finish them before the end of the year/end of the world

Baby #2

I never wrote about Baby #2 because his birth was a homebirth cluster#$%^ and my tiny little premature baby turned out to have down syndrome of which I was very sad. He is a sweet little boy now and cute cute cute but has some extra delays due to the cluster$%^& surrounding his birth. Maybe I'll post a picture of him...

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Hey, tonight, Sept. 9th at 8 central and 9pm eastern, the episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter entitled, "Father of the Bride" will use a song I wrote called "Drive" from the LESLIE NUSS cd...check it out...or you can view it online on the a&e website.... hope all's well!

baby on the way

hi. sorry for the long delay. just busy nesting. baby #2 set for September arrival...all is well so far, just tired now. I'm now a beekeeper...I purchased one hive and it looks like a swarm settled into an abandoned beebox. The bees are very mellow and don't mind me in my bee suit! not much going on with music. "jamming" with my cousin's boyfriend out here, he's more of a deadhead so we play some dylan. would like to play some gigs but will take it easy for a while. hope you're well and enjoying your summer!

show in valparaiso

hey, I'm playing at the Front Porch this Saturday Feb 2 at 8pm, two sets $10. then Tues, feb 19th I'll be the guest on Suzette and Company on WVLP in Valparaiso...show is at 4pm and we'll be giving away some of my cds so listen and call in if you can! also, you can now listen to 2 of my songs in the movie Indian Cowboy if you have netflix. Rent it! xo Leslie

show in nyc


Hi there, sorry for not writing more/sooner. my mom died the end of august and after taking care of her in our home for 9 months..I was a bit drained. anyway, grief is hard but serves a purpose and it's something to embrace and work through... so.......will be in NYC first time in almost 2 years with Ruby and hub in tow and playing at Banjo Jim's 9th St and Ave C on Sunday, November 25th. don't have the time yet but will post when I do... thanks for viewing! feel free to email me through myspace, http://www.myspace.com/leslienuss xo Leslie


hi there

Hey, the new cd is out, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nuss4 on itunes, too. hope you are well, baby is crying... xo Leslie

New CD out soon

Hey. Besides adoring Ruby, I've been finishing up the 4th cd, called "Round 3" which was recorded in Chicago at Gravity Studio. The new cd features a cover of "Eye of the Tiger" and different versions of "Drive" and "What Do I Do To Make You Mine" Cover art is a collage... I can't believe it's been 5 years since the towers came down. I remember it like it was yesterday, working at Calvin Klein in NYC, calling my mother at home in Illinois because we didn't have a tv in the office and she had recently had a seizure and was kind of out of it and I asked her to turn on the news and she said, "lots of smoke" Don't let 9/11 be an excuse to hate.

Welcome baby Ruby!

Hey, sorry I haven't written for ages. I've been pregnant and barefoot for that matter, and now I am proud to say, I'm a mommy! Ruby was born on May 3rd and she's made me very happy. Sure, she doesn't yet sleep through the night, but...she's got 10 fingers and 10 toes and can see and hear and I'm extremely grateful. sorry for not writing. Currently, I'm offering to send promo copies of my cds Action Hero Superstar and LESLIE NUSS to whomever asks first come first served with the following requests: 1. you not sell them, but you can give them away 2. you send me back a check or stamps for the postage (honor system here, you'll have to check out the envelope) Deal? email me and we'll consider it done. In other news, the FIT (that's Fashion Institute of Technology) newsletter wrote an update on me in their most recent issue (Accessories Design, 1992) and the Chicago Red Eye newspaper did a small story on me getting my belly photographed while pregnant. If I get links for them, I'll post. In OTHER OTHER news, I have to carve out some time to complete the artwork for my fourth cd, which will feature a cover of the classic rock anthem, "Eye of the Tiger" stay tuned, join the email list and/or email me to say hello. much love, Leslie ps. for photos of Ruby, see the photo page...

Valentine's Day: The Perfect Indie Download

Cupid says: Send your Valentine Leslie's indie-hit "What do I Do To Make You Mine?" Available at http://www.Itunes.com OR http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nuss3

Leslie Just Back from the famed Sterling Sound Studio in NYC

Leslie headed to New York City’s famed Sterling Sound studio (www.sterling-sound.com) last month to put the finishing touches on what will be her fourth independently-produced album titled ROUND 3. The album, due in 2006, quickly follows her 2005 release, LESLIE NUSS. Greg Calbi, who mastered LESLIE NUSS and has also worked with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon, will master Round 3 at Sterling Sound. Kyle Kelso, who runs K2Studio, will mix the tracks in SoHo. The album was originally recorded in Chicago’s Gravity Studios (www.gravitystudios.com) with engineer Mark Berlin and musicians Dan Wean (electric and acoustic guitar), Mike Zelenko (drums), Christian Cullen (keyboards), and Anne-Marie Stehn (bass). “The two CDs were supposed to be book ends,” said Nuss, who lives in Indiana. “LESLIE NUSS was to be an ‘up’ CD and Round 3 was to be . . . well, it was to be allowed to have some more deep songs on it. Basically, I set out to make a more ‘indie’ sounding record this time because I think people have a hard time figuring me out. My past records sounded much more ‘major label.’” ROUND 3 will include a cover version of “Eye of the Tiger” (the theme song from the movie Rocky), “Shell Shocked,” “Sex is Sex,” and “Landscape of the Mind.” Stay tuned! --jr

Help Leslie make the Jump to XM Unsigned Artists

Help Leslie breakthrough to XM Radio's Unsigned Artist Station. What song could be better for their subscribers to hear while cruising down the highway than "Drive" from her latest CD. Please e-mail XM Satellite Radio today and ask them to play "Drive" by Leslie. They're at unsigned@xmradio.com Thanks. --jr

Two, Great New Reviews

Leslie has just received two, new great reviews of her latest, self-titled CD. A Bite Out of the Big Apple Tom Lounges of The Times of northwest Indiana said the CD is, "deservedly screaming for radio play." Gutsy and Sly Kevan Breitinger of Indie-Music.com said, "Gutsy and sly, she captures your attention, and I mean all of it. . . . Whimsical and wildly imaginative, Leslie Nuss doesn't bring a mere album, but a whole experience. A singing provocateur, she is here to rock your world." Links: NWI-Times http://nwitimes.com/articles/2005/09/06/entertainment/entertainment/969a6b8305e1ff348625706f00573069.prt Indie-Music.com http://www.indie-music.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4299 --jr

Hurricane Relief

Hi, I can't imagine how awful it must be to be down on the Southern Coast. If you'd like to check out my music and make a donation to the Red Cross, go to: http://cdbaby.com/nuss2 I'm donating all my proceeds from this cd, Action Hero Superstar to the Red Cross. Stay strong and pray for better leadership!

in hong kong

hi there. was just in Japan! it's so cool. Street Fashion...those women wear their high heels to climb mountains! off to China today. Stay cool. xo Leslie

what's shakin'

I've been AWOL for a while now. The video for "Give It Up Baby" played on WILL-TV's Video Diner show, and WGPU in Champaign, IL played "He's Not Gay" I'm in the studio working with Christian Cullen who is laying down some beautiful piano tracks for the Chicago Album. Hope all's well w/you. Leslie

Earth Day!

Hey, it's Earth Day. Time to thank the Earth for being there for us. The pope can't say it, and no one else seems to have the courage, but...remember, overpopulation is the biggest environmental challenge there is. Hug a tree! xo Leslie

What's New?

Hey, I was going to pull an April Fool's and tell you I was "expecting"...but... I DID get a new puppy, Miles. He's a Havanese and adorable! Check him out on the photo page...scroll down. Been busy moving...now getting my taxes done (ok, so I procrastinate!) then back to work on "the chicago record" next to record: keyboards/piano. Enjoy this great Spring weather! xo Leslie

radio interview up on website

Hey, Rich interviewed me...and...for those brave souls...you can hear it in its entirety...just go to the music tab and scroll down to the bottom. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Radio Interview this Saturday!

Hey! I'm out here in the Bay Area...it's great... Just wanted to tell you that this Friday/Saturday morning, around 2am EST, I'm going to do a live phone interview with WPKN's Rich Kaminsky. They are at 89.5FM and on the web at www.wpkn.org. Tune in if you can :) xo Leslie

photos of NYC show are up!

HI there....it's George Harrison's birthday on Friday, and you know what that means...... put up a few photos from the Living Room show in NYC... miss ya, Leslie


Hey. The new CD is for sale at CDBABY--it's called LESLIE NUSS. here's the link: http://www.cdbaby.com/nuss3 go get it and write a review! as a special thanks to everyone who has supported me, it's under $13 bucks and if you buy more than one...second one is 50% off... thanks.


hi there...just a quick thing...I have sent the new CD to cdbaby, so it should be available in about 2 weeks...ie the beginning of February. listening to the cocteau twins now...still sounds errie yet beautiful. have a great day, thanks for stopping by ;)

this is a new website!

Hey. this is the first post of the new website. I'm sitting here, wondering what is in the water....making sure mine is boiled...there is no news, except it's cold in Chicago and my car's blinkers don't work so I don't want to go anywhere. Listening to Crowded House and AC/DC...checked out devin davis's music...but make sure you go to devindaviswebsite.com trust me on that one :) ps. if you're looking for my new cd LESLIE NUSS it'll be available soon!!