New ep is out. First single "Glory Days" on all platforms


Reviews of the new EP

The Album V, Part 1
Leslie Nuss
A stunning addition to the Leslie Nuss canon, this EP is her first offering since 2006's "Round 3," her fourth, full-length album. "Lost" opens with a majestic piano that instantly commands your attention. The music turns plaintive and yearning which is the perfect foil for the ethereal, dreamy vocals. If you ever wondered what a collaboration between Longpigs and the Cocteau Twins would sound like, well, this it. The song ends with notes falling from the piano like rain drops into a puddle. An achingly beautiful song.

The mood turns urgent with "The Subway." The writing sounds like a lost classic from an alternative band inspired by Patti Smith and post-punk. But the sound is contemporary with the slightest hint of sixties psychedelia to keep listeners on their heels. "Glory Days" offers a deep breath. A weeping guitar pleads for your attention before Nuss delivers her most intimate lyrics. The percussion propels you deeper into Nuss' web. The story concludes with "Writer," a confession/inquisition delivered over an electronic lounge vibe. [The EP adds the bonus radio edit of lead off single, "Lost" — although why anyone would want that song to end sooner is a mystery.]
Highly recommended summer listening. Head over to to check out your options. Rather than download the EP (lowest price), for a couple of dollars more, go old school and get the physical copy for the highest audio quality, beautiful cover art, and liner notes.  Nuss, also an accomplished designer, also offers a version with a bunch of classy extras while supplies last — silk-screened bag, button, tattoo, sticker, and handmade ceramic. A portion of proceeds from sales through the end of July go to "It Gets Better," a non-profit dedicated to supporting LGBT youth.

Here are listener reviews of the new EP:


Very exciting to receive. Love all the decorative bits- so thoughtful. Am enjoying listening to [her] beautiful voice- more beautiful than ever. Such gorgeous music too- tranquil and relaxing. 

 --Emily D


I found the EP to be haunting, stark, personal, passionate, beautiful...and ultimately a cathartic and redemptive listening experience.  

The Subway is my favorite of the songs I am hearing for the first time here.  [Her] beauty goes so deep..........

[Her] soul is amazingly vibrant throughout this EP.

--Richard Kaminsky, WPKN


It’s amazing - ethereal, lush, beautiful. It’s truly a work of art. More please!

---Jennifer R


A fragile, elegant voice that sometimes reminds you of Ani DeFranco, Alanis Morissette or Joni Mitchell.

--Charlie Edwards, THE QUAKER GOES DEAF,


This new stuff is great!!! I loved it. 

--John Porter, Mood Indigo Entertainment


"Lost" kills me. Love the opening notes. Had a dramatic Edge vibe to it. (I know it's piano, but still.) The production, and pacing of the ups and downs gave it a psychedelic, trippy vibe. Reminded me of Longpigs. But it's your vocals and backups that are the centerpiece. Cocteau Twins vibe. Serene. Really beautiful.

Got my physical CD today. Everything looks great! All the extra’s (e.g., autograph, credits, ceramic, sticker, tattoo, button, silk-screened bag, etc.) are classy and a really nice touch. 

 --Mark M