Leslie Just Back from the famed Sterling Sound Studio in NYC

Leslie headed to New York City’s famed Sterling Sound studio (www.sterling-sound.com) last month to put the finishing touches on what will be her fourth independently-produced album titled ROUND 3. The album, due in 2006, quickly follows her 2005 release, LESLIE NUSS. Greg Calbi, who mastered LESLIE NUSS and has also worked with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon, will master Round 3 at Sterling Sound. Kyle Kelso, who runs K2Studio, will mix the tracks in SoHo. The album was originally recorded in Chicago’s Gravity Studios (www.gravitystudios.com) with engineer Mark Berlin and musicians Dan Wean (electric and acoustic guitar), Mike Zelenko (drums), Christian Cullen (keyboards), and Anne-Marie Stehn (bass). “The two CDs were supposed to be book ends,” said Nuss, who lives in Indiana. “LESLIE NUSS was to be an ‘up’ CD and Round 3 was to be . . . well, it was to be allowed to have some more deep songs on it. Basically, I set out to make a more ‘indie’ sounding record this time because I think people have a hard time figuring me out. My past records sounded much more ‘major label.’” ROUND 3 will include a cover version of “Eye of the Tiger” (the theme song from the movie Rocky), “Shell Shocked,” “Sex is Sex,” and “Landscape of the Mind.” Stay tuned! --jr

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