Welcome baby Ruby!

Hey, sorry I haven't written for ages. I've been pregnant and barefoot for that matter, and now I am proud to say, I'm a mommy! Ruby was born on May 3rd and she's made me very happy. Sure, she doesn't yet sleep through the night, but...she's got 10 fingers and 10 toes and can see and hear and I'm extremely grateful. sorry for not writing. Currently, I'm offering to send promo copies of my cds Action Hero Superstar and LESLIE NUSS to whomever asks first come first served with the following requests: 1. you not sell them, but you can give them away 2. you send me back a check or stamps for the postage (honor system here, you'll have to check out the envelope) Deal? email me and we'll consider it done. In other news, the FIT (that's Fashion Institute of Technology) newsletter wrote an update on me in their most recent issue (Accessories Design, 1992) and the Chicago Red Eye newspaper did a small story on me getting my belly photographed while pregnant. If I get links for them, I'll post. In OTHER OTHER news, I have to carve out some time to complete the artwork for my fourth cd, which will feature a cover of the classic rock anthem, "Eye of the Tiger" stay tuned, join the email list and/or email me to say hello. much love, Leslie ps. for photos of Ruby, see the photo page...

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