1 year Anniversary

Wow. I just checked. I've been doing this pretty much every week/Friday (ok, today is Monday) for a year now, since last Sept. 15. I need to celebrate a minute, right? 

Sometimes progress is really slow. But, since last year, so much has happened. Got the first ep out, made some videos, redid my music studio (I'm staring at it right now, I organized a huge pile of papers today--feels so good) started selling some garments at a store, painted, now working more on selling more accessories, etc to pay for the music, started taking piano lessons--very cool, started a screenplay, etc. whew. It's a bit overwhelming when I even think about it. 

I get bitter sometimes over the barriers for women, POC and non-binary peeps in the industry and that was really getting me down, but that doesn't do me or anyone else any good, really. So, the only way out is to keep going. 

And now, my "side project" Specx is going to get a show/do a show. I ran into the guitarist and what do you know, it's all, water under the bridge and let's play! Which makes me actually WANT to put our single, "My Baby's Got" on Spotify and make a video for it. I'll have to come up with some ideas for a video, but that would be fun, I think.

Peter let his hair grow so I think he would be all for doing some head banging. (!) But that's really the only issue-playing too loud for my vocals. What guitarist wants to voluntarily turn down? Not many, tbh. They always comply, then just turn it back up after a song, because, well, to them, it sounds better! hahahaha.

Solidarity. We all need some. And I'm fine with letting some people speak for me. And I'll speak for some others. 

I realized that maybe, on Twitter, I should just *stick* to music and keep the politics at a minimum. It's kind of fun and there's not really a shortage of things I could tweet out. I had to mute a few people I'd been overdosing on because...honestly, how much more about narcissism do I need to read? Unless it's how to disarm a narcissist. Verbal Judo. 

Been listening to the first Suzanne Vega LP recently. It's so good. I never ever thought about doing a song of hers live, but now that it's a long time ago, now I'd like to work one up. Maybe Small Blue Thing. I printed it out today, going to give it a whirl. 

Waz is having me learn, "You've Got a Friend" but some of the chord changes are weird/I don't like them, so what did I do? I started writing a NEW song based on a few of the changes. I need a new song like I need a hole in my head! Sometimes, I piss myself off because.....so many ideas. And then, which ones to finish? But I did like the chorus. And, it's playing more of the black keys. And using the things Waz is teaching me, which is super nice. 

Two weeks ago I wore this dress I got at an estate sale that is Iranian. So it's black and floor length with a print. Waz said I looked like a princess and we laughed about it and I told him just wait until I wear a headpiece! So last week I wore this dress I had just made-which was this cool printed fabric with birds on it, but I had to "overdye" it dark blue, and the dress is longish and anyway, of course I found a cool headband from my old accessories days, that had a beautiful purple feather. Waz thought I had dyed my hair purple! 

So Grey Gardens.

Still no after school help. So my day ends early, but that's ok. Fingers crossed the kids are happier as a result. I think they are. 

I'm going to try promoting one of the new songs, "Writer," with this website 50djs50states. I'll give it a whirl. 





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