been too long

Hi. I haven't been in front of my laptop much since my last post...meant to catch up, but kids are home and new house to fix up and had carpal tunnel flare up and not up for typing a blog post from my phone. So here I am with a small window of clarity.

I've been following this Epstein story, maybe too much, but it horrifies me and I want to see where it goes. Will justice be served? Long ago, when I lived in NYC, someone told me about rich, powerful men having sex with underage girls. She mentioned a different former president and while I had no way of verifying it, I believed her. "back then" women were so easily dismissed, their experiences twisted back onto themselves and I want to know if it will be different this time.

Luckily, I have my son to lighten my mood. I took him on a wild golf car ride last night, fast and quick turns and up and down small hills and his look of pure joy and laughter made me smile. People with Down Syndrome can bring so much happiness to us all (I say can because sometimes he is not a joy to be around!) But he wakes up happy every day and ready to roll.

I'm afraid we'll have to sell this new house because of a woman who threatens a project my husband is working on. "There's always a saboteur. People test you to see how strong you are." That quote inspired a song on "Round 3" and it's true today. So I get pulled in to strategize, advise. I wish I could get this same help with my career. 

Mixes are back, though and they are living up to my expectations. "Someday" is incredible. and "Hey Lisa" is super cool. Pat Sansone's multi-instrumental genius is on full display and I'm so grateful. Bell Tolls-that's a difficult one for me, the song is done, and it's the best it's going to be. "I'm a Writer" seems to need a tiny bit more tweaking for some reason. But ok.

But then what? Most doors are closed to me. I'm actually mostly content to listen to the music for me and the people who know me/like what I do, but I feel guilty in a way that I'm not...making more of an effort to "go viral" or tour the world. I think I'm a slacker, but hardly anyone really wants to review/promote an artist who promotes herself. Or so it seems. 

However, there are more music videos to shoot and things to edit. I finally got some old footage, live footage of shows from the 90's digitized. Good stuff, but needs some editing, and I just need to say that I'm skilled enough to do it.

(my son is now in the garage, making the doors go up and down. Somewhat distracting, but ok)

Then there's painting-and I have ideas for 3 new paintings, not scribble paintings, but more real life. 

And my memoir/birth book. I did pull out my material, and actually thought of printing out all the text I'd written so far to see if I could use any of it or just start fresh. 

My son is now screaming. Not a joy. He's mad because I gave him a time out for smacking his device because his videos stopped playing due to the internet's unresponsiveness. He's broken several tablets this way, and if I say "stop" well, he doesn't stop. Time for breakfast, maybe.

ok. time to go. I think you're slightly caught up, and I am not going to task myself with writing all the posts I've missed. 



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