darn. my right hand is going numb. and I'm a bit knackered. but I'm listening to the mastering sessions for my second and third eps and yeah, they sound great. So exciting to have more women working on these songs-and will be hard to stagger the releases. 

and the lyrics! Right now "in the culture" a lot of people are saying how terrible the lyrics are, how music is about the beat, the rhythm, the production, but for me, the songs are almost always about the lyrics. And I'm super proud of these coming up.

The topics are serious and yet, I think the songs deliver. Now, especially as a woman, I'm not supposed to say that about my own work, but oh well. 

What I want to do is make a photo of a baseball cap with "Make CD's Cool Again" because it's such a drag that people aren't buying cd's and I quite frankly, don't have enough well, maybe it's confidence in releasing this as an LP, and what I'm really getting at is publishing the lyrics. I might make a separate booklet and maybe I'll add a section to this website for the lyrics. (or maybe it's already built in)

My son makes us listen to songs from the first ep when we're in the car, namely The Subway and Writer, and I wonder if he'll come to like these next 8. He gets so upset if the radio is on, or another cd and he gets so happy listening to these that I usually give in, though tbh I am getting a little tired of listening to those two over and over and over etc. 

So the mastering session went well and Jett (the mastering engineeress) was singing Swing for the Stars, so that's all good.

Now the kids are back in school and I can start to work on these releases. I think I mentioned I'd like to play shows out of town. I drew a circle around my town, so I'm thinking from Green Bay, to Cleveland, to Davenport, etc. There are a lot of towns I could get to, not that far to drive. the 20/20 tour. 

However, I need to heal my hand. I'm allllmost ready to make an appt with the dr. The pointer is still numb and it does hurt to play the guitar. I don't think I'm ready to tour on a keyboard. (that hurts, but not as much) Fasting didn't heal my hand, though it seems to have helped. But truth be told, probably I would have needed to fast for a lot longer, and as soon as you tell a few people you are fasting, they are all up in your business telling you to stop. (for real.) And that messes with my head. 

I'm going to focus on making my merchandise and hopefully my hands will not rebel too much. But my brother said it and he's right: when one thing on your body is out of whack, eventually other things go out of whack, too, because now my left elbow hurts-and I really should stop lifting heavy things and relearn how to lift because I can feel the strains.


The news of the day is still a shitshow. (sorry) Waz asked me the other day if I had any new writing to play for him and I told him I had so many starts that I needed to finish something and now that these 8 are mastered, well, time to make the next 4 or 8. (even though I have another 4 -at least- songs in various stages of recording, Buildings Move, Love Can Fix, Dorian Gray, Rainbow, Isn't it Time, Free Climb. wow. that's 6) I guess those are b-sides? 

But new songs are piano based, which is cool/new for me. 

ok, I'm sweating in my loft, which I've converted into a paper/collage studio since I took out the hammock and daybed and all the things that made it sort of a resting place. I probably could paint up here, too, but I just took all my paints to the beach house. 




or conversely, universe, let me gain enough new fans that I can release an LP.

have a great week!



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