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On this, September 12, 2019, such a week/time of year filled with many memories of 9/11, I decided that now is the time to launch over at Patreon. I watched an intro video that says people need to be told 6-7 times before they will act, ie before they'll sign up, but I did it. I started it.

So, I'm going to focus on blogging there. I might put a paragraph of my blog posts here as well, with a "to read more go to Patreon and become a subscriber" so there's that.

the link is:

and it's a work in progress, as i'm not really sure how to price things, which format to use, etc. but whatever. 

so if you've read this, been reading these, thank you. Thank you for your anonymous time. I hope you got something out of this. If you can join me on Patreon, that would be super awesome.

Why am I doing this, I keep asking myself over and over. I don't really "need" this, currently. I could "just" for the most part, be a full-time mother and a "housewife" (which I am, anyway) and I suppose I could go to the gym in my spare time, hang out with friends, keep my ideas to myself.

But then my friend Nancy and I were talking about hoarding. And, sometimes that's a fear of mine, of becoming a hoarder, with a home that I can barely navigate. So, to me, there is hoarding physical things, and how do I know that's not what I'm doing? I have CD's I could have tried harder to sell. It was hard to get back up on that horse, that I rode in the year 2000.

Then there are the supplies that I've accumulated-the leather, the fabric, the hardware, the feathers, the ribbon and webbing and so on. And so forth. Could I use it all up? and would I? Some of these things are so beautiful to me. And yet, you can't take it with you. So why not share it with you?

I liked making accessories as a side gig when I lived in New York. I did a lot of fun things, like make a bridal headpiece for the artist Merry Alpern in exchange for one of her photographs. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. Money is nice, but getting artwork in exchange was another level. 

I don't want to haggle, I want my work to be appreciated. I need to think about money in a new way. As a way to art. I will create my own monetary system (just for me) with new values attached to money. I know how to spend my own money wisely. I am going to make a budget for the next two years, what I need for art. 

Anyway, if you join patreon, you will get to hear a rough version of The Buildings Move, a version started in 2016. It's a song I put aside in 2001, spooked by what I had written. 

What more could I say to get you to join Patreon? I dunno. You really don't have to, of course. But you could root for someone you know, and it might feel good. Let me know if it does. I am part of the home team. 



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