News Dump

since I'm moving my blog to Patreon (until further notice) here is a news dump from my home page. xo

October. Ok, I have a gig in Paris for February. Yea! And my hand has gotten a lot better. Patreon is a hustle, which if you know me, is a struggle. But it's there. Have my merchandise worked out, doing another merch show on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. Now working on gigs for 2020-right now I'm focusing on Ohio and Kentucky as a 3 piece.


September! Launching a Patreon. Please go here: I think I'm ready to let it go. Let it out. Use it up. 

Getting some therapy for my hand. my right pointer finger has been feeling weird for a few months now and so I've been focusing on piano over guitar. 

Making what I can for the Hunt & Gather Makers Market on Oct 4th end 5th. Belts, bags, merch-y kind of items, some quite time-consuming, kind of excited. I think I've finally designed a belt I want to wear! Can't wait.

thinking about how cool it would be to play a show in Paris in February. I've made it to London to play, but not yet "Europe." It sort of depends on how my hand feels or whether I could play a set on keyboard. And booking a gig, of course. 

alright. thanks for your time. xo


August: Got the mixes mastered by Jett Galinda with producer Ainjel Emme giving her ears and her attention to the tracks. They came back better than before, with the sound crisp and layered. While I wish I could just release everything immediately, I need to do some promo first, and "set the stage" as they say.

July. Busy finishing 8 new tracks plus a remix! And getting ready for a new photo shoot and music video. Trying to stay cool, school's out and we all have to take time to enjoy it. xo


May 10th, Nuss is back opening up the Hunt & Gather maker's market in Crown Point, IN at the fairgrounds from 4:45-6pm. 


May 7th: First "pre-review" for upcoming ep entitled "5"--

"Shook Me" and "Deaths Door" are both incredibly powerful, beautiful, emotive works - - - although I naturally gravitate to the more upbeat numbers, "When I Wake" and "Swing for the Stars". "When I Wake" is tinged with the kind of reflection and doubt that I think we can all identify with, which makes it so memorable and compelling. And "Swing for the Stars" feels like a glorious, beguiling aspirational clarion call, freighted with wistful vulnerability. These are some of the best things I've ever heard from you - and that's saying a lot!" --Rich Kaminsky


May 3rd: Producer Ainjel Emme working on a remix of "Shook Me" for the ep. This will be Leslie's first released remix. Medusa's, anyone?


May 1st: Leslie debuts new song on piano with drummer Tomm Alsman as part of the Nora Night celebration in Chesterton, IN at Westchester Intermediate School. You can read what more about the evening and what Leslie has to say (she's quoted) in the article from the NWI Times. (click the link in the left side bar)


April: BIG NEWS: Hired a FEMALE MASTERING ENGINEERESS!!!! Jett Galinda. Female producers, mastering and recording engineers currently make up about 2% of the total. Hire more women!



What's new? working on the video for "The Subway" and starting a Kickstarter, wait, hang on, was told to do a Patreon to put the second ep on CD and hopefully raise money for videos, too. Not sure if I could get in the black this year, but what a great goal that would be, eh? I'm almost there with design and painting. 



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