awww, quick quick quick

Gig tonight, finally made this t-shirt that I've had ready to do for quite some time, will post a photo on instagram, kinda busy right now.

Gig is at the Makers' Market called Hunt & Gather, 8:30pm at the Crown Point Fairgrounds and I was told it's a party atmosphere, so that means-let's rock! And I realized that if people knew my songs, I could be up there playing the shittiest guitar and no one would care. So, everyone should learn my songs! haha.

My studio has been a complete disaster for several years, since I had moved and moved it and never got it how I wanted it, but that is ending and super exciting/freeing up some energy. I think that's why I did the t-shirt, plus, I realized I have this gig...perfect timing.

December seems to rush by in a blur. I was busy making things for the store called Society that is carrying my stuff. Then, I realized-I have a gig! need to practice. Every New Year's I have a resolution or phrase and a few years ago it was Use It Up, then maybe it was Use It Or Lose It and then Use It Up again and now it's going to be NO MORE BACKLOG. Wow, doesn't that sound great? I already wrote it out and have it hanging up. This means that the photos will go in the albums, the projects will get completed, the space will get cleared. I don't actually expect it to happen automatically, but it's something that I am chipping away at daily. 

The eps with Ainjel are still being tweaked, some more/new drums/percussion being added, more keyboards ala Jon who plays with Father John Misty (cool!) and Ainjel is going to add some bass and background vox. Can't wait to get that project knocked out/off my list. I do realize that if I didn't come up with these projects, they wouldn't need to get finished, but here we are. 

While I'd love to write more, I really need to get ready for my show and take my t-shirts to the local t-shirt printing place so I can run them through their heat-set machine. They are super nice/super cool guys Rusthead is their shop and I love hanging out with them and seeing what they are working on. 

Well-keep your head up and keep on keepin' on!


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