Busy Week

Well. am writing on time, on Friday. But a bit tired. My son's been up since 5:30 full of energy and I'm getting a break now, but he really runs me. I let him ride the elevator at the public library today. Maybe...we did it 15 times? I think of a line from the book Ferdinand: "Because he had an understanding mother...." (the whole book is great!) so I try.

Anyway, a song from the new ep will get played on the radio tonight and I'm so honored. To be honest, I was a bit nervous to send it to Charlie Edwards, the DJ because I've always been a bit intimidated by him, even though he's a super nice guy. He ran the record store in town when I was in college and seemed to have the best music taste in the world. He'd put little stickers on albums he liked with his thoughts and of course those sold really well.

My music is not entirely his taste, because he likes music that's a little grittier, and I totally understand, and I even told him I've tried to make gritty. It's really hard as a female artist. But anyway, he loved my voice and so I'm curious to hear what he'll play. it's tonight, Central time 6pm, WESN.org. He said he'll play me first, which is awesome!! 

It's such an honor to get feedback from people I've known, who've known me. Now I'm asking for permission to use their comments. I have to make some sort of ads. Have started it, not sure what I'm doing, "beginner mind" as my friend Jenny would say. Need to get it on Amazon, think I've figured that one out--where there's a will....it can be done.

My daughter called me yesterday from camp. "I called you 5 minutes ago but you didn't pick up. Did you think it was spam?" oh dear. The week seemed to start off great, but she needed a hug and I told her to ask her cabin counselor for one. So, off to send the 3rd care package today, putting in a few things she asked for and a few other things. Last year my husband told me he was told to NOT send packages, so I didn't then got a teary call, "Mom, the other girls are getting packages." So I was on it and sent her one straight away on Monday. She's a lover, that's for sure. 

She's taking experimental fashion (what a cool sounding course!) and is making a dress and asked for a white button. I can't wait to see it! I have tried teaching her how to sew a bit, but it's such a challenge for me. I feel like I can help her, but maybe I need to designate or get her her own machine (I got my first one at about age 9--it was a kids model from Sears. I wish I still had it!) and let her experiment. 

I'm working on a video, going ok, a bit worried about how amateur it might look, but have to push through. Just get it done! I could always get it revised later. Cut out a garment for another one. I spent some time working on the painting I started a few weeks ago. It's very colorful now, seems like it's going through an ugly duckling phase now, but it will get there. Eventually. 

The photo shoot for last weekend using garments I made was cancelled due to rain. 

And, my friend Nancy wants me to sell the plates/platters I've been making in ceramics. I was making them in advance to give as gifts, and of course I can make more, so that's something to think about. Amassing enough to sell. 

Need to work on/figure out how to get a review or two. That would be super nice. 

I'd write more but am going to get back to work here. I hope you are having a great day! and a great week ahead. 



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