California Dreaming

It is great to be here. I'm always nervous before a recording session and my imposter syndrome kicks into high gear, but then...we lowered the key for Bell Tolls just 1/2 step and the song finally clicked into place--it's been recorded several times and just didn't feel right, and I was able to deliver the vocal I wanted, which is a heavier vocal than my per usual--but everyone should get to rock out a few times.

So, today is the last day, most likely going to do some overdubs and doubling of vocals, which I always say, is a challenge, mostly because some of my lead vocals are a bit meandery and then trying to duplicate that is hard. But whatever, we get it done.

Ainjel really is an incredible producer and I'm so grateful to work with her and desperately want her to be working more because she is so great. ok!

Chilly here in the AM, but so sunny. And my friends have an incredible view with fruit trees in their tiered backyard. It's like they have peace in the middle of this sprawling city, which seems unique compared to Manhattan or Chicago even. I just love these old Spanish style homes and the no bugs thing is also pretty cool--to have your doors open and not worry about everything crawling in.

My hands are cold and it's hard to type. But I gotta get it together to get to the studio and be productive on my last day. I started a new song yesterday which was nicely unexpected--Ainjel did say, "Let's write together" but I wasn't sure what that meant. But I'm cool with generating something. I was joking that after working on a song about helping a friend's LGBT child, one about my son and one that's anti-suicide, maybe I should just write something about nothing. As if. What the road meandered to was one about the idea of the need for us to all come together, as that's been on my mind as of late.

Jesse says I'm addicted to Twitter, but I get a lot of good info on it. But it's good to delete the app every once in a while, but then I wonder what Seth Abramson has to say and I'm back on. 

I'd write more...maybe later I will. Damn, am I relieved. I think I've been stressing for a few months about getting back out here and working again. It's hard to leave a project hanging, and when Ainjel said she wanted to rerecord 3 vocals that were previously recorded and ready to go, while I didn't doubt her judgment, I also thought, uh oh, that puts this project back further. But no matter. She really is a master at getting the right vibe and intensity for the song and the lyrics--which she actually digested. 

I'm kind if in awe at her the level of her enlightenment. She's very Zen. 

Ok, going to be ready and just maybe go and sit outside on my friends' deck before I have to go.

Have a good week-oh wow and Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!! What a shocker. Happy Thanksgiving. Even with all the crazy in the world, there is much to be grateful for and much beauty and we have to stay focused on that, too.



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