December really needs two more weeks

Right? Or Thanksgiving needs to be two weeks earlier. Really, I'm ok, all's well, but the kids are off school, and that's something to manage. Maybe.

Went into the studio on Monday and Tuesday, worked with Josh, went really well. I brought him a strand of purple lights for his live room-they really do make a difference and we started tackling the vocals. He had a cool idea for "Hey Lisa" and now my vocal sounds like a gothic chorus. I love a gothic chorus, some of my favorite singing memories are with my high school choir, our "singing olympian" Europe tour and assembling in Cathedrals to sing a few songs impromptu. I still remember the reverb/echo. So, that was great.

I played the rough mixes for my friend who is 70+ and she thought the two songs were really meditative and something she could picture playing in the background. Good feedback. I thought I had the artwork concept to go with these two eps, but might think about it a bit more, or just think about it and get it good and solid in my mind. 

She and I were on a small road trip to a fabric store in MI for cashmere and mohair. I found a purple mohair, seems like it's kind of old, so soft. I have no idea what I'd do with it and didn't buy it, but that doesn't mean I won't the next time I'm there. Josh said I should make some vegan bags, so I got some wool/linen to give it a try. Obviously, my problem is 24 hours in a day and 2 hands. And getting so many ideas and then of course things breaking, like my serger did last week. But it's fixed now, wasn't that hard to do, just order a part and then fiddle with it. 

She told me she thought I was a genius, which a person doesn't hear too often (one other person called me that, who said I was a genius belt designer) which (even though I filed it away) I just sort of glossed over...but we did talk about the #MeToo and what really bothers me...being that when you listen to the radio, you mostly hear songs sung by men with lyrics written by men reflecting men's experiences and viewpoints. And what happens to our collective unconscious when we absorb that? Bugs me incessantly. 

Today I made chocolate/walnut meringues. They are kind of amazing but of course not good for you at all. Superfine sugar, egg whites, cocoa, etc. But I love to make them because I get to lick the bowl, and because I love to watch the transformation of the egg white to this thick (delicious) goo. They are the bottom layer of an amazing dessert, topped with a snowball of coconut ice cream rolled in coconut, then chocolate and raspberry sauce on top. My daughter asked for whipping cream on the top of that. Hmmm. I said, well, if we're going to add whipping cream, then we really need to add a maraschino cherry. (then we can all slink off into a corner). 

My husband's family has a traditional Christmas night dinner which is kind of cool because you know what to expect, you don't have to freak out if you are hosting (which we are) and (hopefully) the dinner becomes something more than the food. I like tradition and I like presentation and I like fancy, so it's all good. There is also the white elephant gift, of drawing numbers and selecting from a pile of silly wrapped gifts, which sometimes are things from the giver's home and sometimes something bought, but since I've given away so much stuff this year, I just might have to buy something (I just thought of this, and might need to duck into Target tomorrow. AGGGH!) But, usually, it's no problem to find something to give away. 

I'm drinking a gin & tonic as I write this-it's sort of my drink, and that makes it easier to drone on and on. My husband has been ordering wine by the case, but I recently realized that I prefer a G&T to wine. And it's because my mom and my Aunt would have them when we were kids and would spend a few weeks at the Jersey shore. Ocean City, and sometimes Cape May. I loved Ocean City and the Boardwalk and everything about it. I just had mine in a Don Ho class from the Polynesian Palace in Waikiki Hawaii. 

I need to make one more batch of meringues, my daughter just threw a barbie shoe at me, better get going. I hope you are well and good and having a great week.



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