First of all, I don't think we're meant to sit at desks all day or in chairs, period. And typing on a laptop could be improved. I'm sitting upright in a hammock and even this feels better. Of course, lying back in the hammock would feel better still, but then this post would be late and I'd rather be all caught up.

The cleaning project begun this week has been a huge success. My music space looks so great and it all started with the idea of me wanting to move the rug-but then I had to take every single thing off it and then things got weird and then better. I started to work on a new song after I moved things, so that's cool. Still a few things left to do, but what I thought was a huge mess was really just a few papers spread out over every surface. Typical. 

Then yesterday I started my design space. I ache. I mean, I ached before this started and moving things around only made it worse. Now I have to treat myself like an athlete and do ice baths-no way, I can only submerge my arm at this point. And I'm going to give up coffee for at least a week and eat more raw vegan and fingers crossed no sugar. 

But, yes, now the design space is close to back to normal and the cyclone has abated and now my sewing machine will be facing the window, which I'm hoping makes it more peaceful to do (vs in front of a wall). Did you know that Opossums have orangey tips on their ears? One is now coming out to eat a bit from the bird seed. My daughter was concerned because they are nocturnal, but I haven't investigated that and hopefully the fact that it's up during the day doesn't mean something's wrong. 

The oceans are warming and people are cutting down Joshua Trees to go 4 wheeling. I think that if people stopped cremating themselves and stopped burying themselves in caskets and started thinking that they would come back as a tree on this planet maybe they would think that protecting the environment was more important. Or maybe, we should bury people who are the worse offenders in toxic superfund sites and see what grows there. Where is this "we're all connected"? bit. Are we having a Lorax moment yet? 

Piano starts up again next week. I hope my arm is better by then. It's painful to type and right now I have to slow way down because fixing my mistakes-also physically painful. I have one of those carpal tunnel things on and it's maybe helping? 

You know what? If you were alive and weren't dancing in the 80's you missed out. I was too young for disco, but just right for new wave. Dance like nobody's watching you-and we did. 

Owww, Ok. I have to send an email today and I better stop. Ouch.

have a great week!


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