fall break

One kid is home and the other kid has 1/2 day.

So, brevity is ..... a virtue. Took me a minute, during which, I could have been typing.

Things are good. 

Got pulled over rushing to take my kids to the local arcade. My son loves to ride the go karts and I said we could go. But time was short. Thankfully got a warning and I do realize how lucky I was, and even though that shook me up, we still managed to get to the arcade and have fun. So, I consider that an internal victory.

Then, I spent what I could this week organizing my desk/office/studio and it feels so good. It's taken over 3 years so far to get this space where I want it/usable in an efficient way and looking beautiful, too. I thought of Radiohead's, "Everything in its Right Place" and played that on LP. It's so true, and uprooting yourself/your stuff a lot can get in the way. But, now better!

Still writing my first full song on Piano. I came up with some chord progressions/lyrics this week but it wasn't enough. The piano (for me) is something I want to play well, so I keep trying out different chord variations, single notes and that slows me down. I may have to finish the song on Guitar to get the chords/structure/lyrics, then move back to Piano. But, it's a protest song of a different, more unifying sort and would be nice to get it together.

Read some article about the 12 things never to do when contacting someone about a "sync" placement (for film/tv) and it's just hopeless for me. I probably do everything wrong. I follow up, am friendly, try to give some personal information about myself, all Wrong Wrong Wrong. Two placements I did previously I was solicited for from the directors themselves, and the other 5 (?) placements I got were through two agents, who are no longer agenting. (just made that up for brevity)

Getting my husband to emotionally and sometimes financially support my music when it seems more and more to be a hobby is. Is something that is ok. I keep a meticulously beautiful home and constantly seek to improve the art and beauty here, and that seems to engender (is that a word/the word?) a lot of support. Previously I was of the mindset that the house/interior was beautiful enough, because compared to how I grew up, it's out of the ballpark, but, if I start with our house now, as ground zero, then of course there is some new stratosphere to explore, albeit inexpensively. And I'm pretty good at inexpensive:

1. Growing up without a lot of money. 2. earning my money at a young age (8-delivering newspapers, 10-babysitting, etc) 3. living as a "starving artist" in NYC for 10 years, 4. paying off 34K in credit card debt and 10K to family in friends after moving to Chicago and getting a FT job, the debt acquired while living on credit cards while trying to "make it" with my second CD, Action Hero Superstar.

So, that's my resume for frugality. 

anyway, and now I can apply that to the rest of my musical releases for the next two years. 

I'm not going to release physical eps, etc for the next two eps. Only digitally. It's a shame, but I want to keep making music. 

I'll see about the videos. If more people watch them, I'll keep making them. But for a few hundred views, no. I'll make them myself. 

gotta go. Motherhood beckons.

Happy Halloween!


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