Fashion, etc.

Ok, I'm super bummed because I forgot to hit "publish" on the post I just typed, did a few other things and now that post is gone. I don't have the stamina to retype what I had, and am actually surprised at how losing this post ground my momentum to a halt. 

It's ok and I will get back to it, maybe just need to regroup and type tomorrow when a few more things have happened or I feel like typing it all again. This happened once before, and so for a while I typed my post on Word, then copied and pasted it here, but then I just went back to typing it here, all in again. 

But I'm feeling the crunch, the crunch of now needing to justify my own creative output/need for funding and so am considering more of an e-commerce site to sell some of the things I've made. (damn that lost post was 100% better than this)

so, just to recap:

busy last week. My daughter was in a fashion show. I was very proud. She's still sewing!

Went to a super cool wedding, a melding of two cultures, Indian and whatever this culture is, western? I cried. Indian weddings are amazing! If I ever go to another one I will make a sari. 

Last week before school starts. Trying to make it good.

(I won't let this losing a blog happen again because this is incredibly painful, being aware of what I had written and not being able to rewrite it)

Music is expensive. Making music is expensive, I mean. We make $0.0029 per stream of our music on Spotify. Ouch. 

(I was so eloquent in the other post. The lost one. Now I am like a person who is very thirsty)

Videos-coming out soon! A few more to shoot, but hopefully that won't get in the way of me trying to earn enough $ to pay for the editing. 

Speaking up for people with disabilities is something I take seriously.

(I explained it all so much better in that post)

I am a bit mad at myself, can you tell? Because I was just going too fast, moving on to registering a domain name as soon as I finished typing the blog post, actually, I think what happened was that I merely was checking to see if a domain name that I alluded to in that lost post was available (it was not) and then got carried away by registering the one that was. 

anyway, this one sucks. I know. Sorry, but since it's been two weeks I have to have something here. Will be better next time, I promise.




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