First piano gig

So on Wednesday I played one song to about 200 people. It felt great! It was the close for the Nora Night that my son participated in.

Had just two rehearsals with a new drummer and he was all in. Practiced til perfect, even debuted it for my husband's family, even let my son close the lid on my fingers a few times. 

I told Waz that we are like the old US Mailperson's code of delivering through sleet and snow, wind and rain. We have to be able to perform where there are people talking, or people listening. At night when we might be tired, having a drink (or not) and the crowd in various emotional states. But that's what makes performing so great. Doing it no matter what. 

Anyway. I savor the moment! And people cheered after the bridge. Wow. I was not expecting that! Should I keep going? I did! And stuck the landing. And that was enough. 

So. One day at a time. Busy today with other things. But want to write some of my older songs a piano chart. My sister in law said that this new song is my best ever (so did my husband) but I said, you know, if I played some of my older songs on piano, I bet you would say the same thing. But I added, at least I'm getting better, not worse, right? How many people love an artist's 7th record better than their first? Well, a lot of people, actually, right?

And I could care less if I played for 6th graders for the rest of my life. They are so awesome! Such smiles, so wonderful. What I love is curating a show now. Picking the songs that I think will mean the most to people and me. The ones I can better explain. The ones that bring you somewhere if you let them in. 

The drummer wants us to come up with a new name. I am flummoxed. I've had name ideas in the past-Heliotrope was what I was going to call myself, but found out rather late that there was a string quartet in SF (?) with the same name. Maybe it would be ok to use it now. I'll have to check.

alright, gotta go. Art, cleaning, owls, birthdays, call me.

have a great week,


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