Ok, quick post. Don't want to get too deep here, but here's a thought for today:

Crazy is causing chaos in other people's lives.

(might have to tweet that)

have to finish taking a defensive driving course online today. been putting it off, but have put in a few hours already. It's been a pain, but I'll admit it's good to refresh the driving rules to be the safest driver one can be. 

I got a speeding ticket at 4am en route to the airport to meet Ainjel for the first time. I'd just come off the highway and didn't slow down and--now I'm super aware! the speed limit is 35, but I was going along with the few other cars on the road at that time. I'd been so busy that I hadn't had much time to prepare for recording and was finally giving the mixes I had of the songs we were going to work on a listen, so I wasn't really paying attention to my speed. 

Got pulled over, the cop was nice-ish under a veneer of weirdness, as if he didn't believe my answer to his question, "Where are you headed?" I pointed to my guitar and bag in the back seat. I think he took my speed as I was going through the intersection, which was a bit higher, but I didn't question him, and after trying to tell me he might be able to give me a warning, came back saying no, I'd get a ticket. 

I was super freaked out, even though I knew it would be ok, it's just more money to spend and then this traffic thing. But I had to get to LA and do my best, so I put it out of my mind. Recorded, our first day of meeting/working together, staying in an Air B&B, etc. It all went well.

But, getting me to want to spend the hours doing the course was hard. I realized I'd need longish shots of time, and they never seemed to be what I wanted to do. So, here I am. I have to finish in the next few days or the course doesn't count. 

Better get going NOW! AGGGGGHHHHHHH.



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