Gig Tonight

Well, it's a beautiful day outside, very green here, birds chirping and the bunny is still alive. I'd forgotten just how wonderful rodents are (my beloved pet Guinea Pig Chupy died in the summer of 2001). I've had to feed the bunny via eye dropper, but he/she (not sure yet) has been eating shredded carrots and clover as well.

This bunny is so incredibly beautiful and we will be sad to let it go, but have been taking it outside several times a day and it's starting to hop so it will only be a matter of time. 

(I was just going to insert a photo of the bunny here but for some reason, the uploader is not working. Sorry!)

Every day my life seems to be coming together a bit more, a process I am very active in and also observing. Clarity is such an amazing thing and having my creative output organized and cataloged feels good. I talked to a friend over the weekend who said something about this burst of creative production and I think it's got something to do with getting this studio organized, having a station for everything, i.e. a cutting area, sewing, leather, music, desk, etc. Also, I think getting toxic people out of ones life is helpful, standing up for oneself, and realizing the haters gonna hate. So, if you suck, they will still hate you and if you're great, and that bothers them, well, whatever.

About to finish up the artwork for ep #1. Shocking. Then, going to visit the artist for ep #2 cover who is doing additional illustrations. I'm still working on a vision for eps #3 and #4, have been thinking of photos of me, but not 100% sure. I suppose I should just go for it and if I don't like them, then think of something else.

Finished the pajamas, took a while because tbh I really don't like making buttonholes on the sewing machine. They never really come out that great, and bound buttonholes are infinitely better, but I guess I didn't feel like making them. I think I need to explore other ways of making buttonholes. I remember reading years ago about how there are people in Manhattan and that's all they do-make buttonholes for designers/garments. That sounds like heaven. I think at the time it was like $1/buttonhole. But whatever. They are done and now it's on to nightgowns. I feel a bit behind here, but then I haven't been sitting idle. 

Even though I am loving playing the piano and learning with Waz, I need to get back on guitar, since I'm still playing it live. My playing is sort of basic, and very rhythmic but not earth-shattering. Now my studio is set up and I'm playing through my PA and posting snips on instagram, which is a good motivator. I know things are not perfect but that's the point, to see the progress. 

School will be out soon and then what. I hope my artistic life doesn't come to a halt, but we shall see. A few years ago there was a day camp for children like my son, but no more. And my daughter doesn't like the day camp I signed her up for a few years ago either. She definitely prefers being at home and hanging out. 

So yeah, gig tonight. I was going to make a really crazy outfit, but maybe it's more of a summer thing. Might wear one of the dresses I made for the booklet/magazine for my 3rd cd, LESLIE NUSS. That way, I have more time today for other things...and I haven't worn them that often.

Just going to play with Andrew. Bill has another gig already, but it will be ok. I would love to cart more merchandise around with me but so far, it's not that kind of crowd. 

The news cycle was really getting me down for a few days. Wow. My heart was really hurting. Somehow, rehearsing with Andrew last night really made me feel better. We are going to do "Keep On Loving You" which will be fun. 

There are so many birds chirping outside. And trees are blooming. And I remember when my son was small, my parents had died/were dying, when I barely noticed because things seemed so bleak and my load so heavy, but now I notice. I watch the bunny in the grass and notice how large a fly seems to it, and how it's navigating in a maze of grass. A carpenter bee checks me out and I look at it looking at me. I enter their world and feel connected. Andrew and I rehearse and I watch the birds eating seeds outside my window cocking their heads trying to figure out what's going on, what is this sound they are hearing. 

It's ok.



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