Hit the Ground Running

goodlawd. It's Friday again. The time has rolled around. and so many things I want to write about today but will have to cut it short just due to my workload and the fact that I'll have less time next week due to my son's caregiver being gone.

But. Where to start?

Mother's Day. It's over! Yea. Sometimes it's hard for me, for multiple reasons. Having a child with severe disabilities is hard for me and I feel so inadequate. And the strain sometimes carries over to my general life. But I saw the effort my daughter went to to make it special for me and for that I was truly grateful and wrote her a thank you card which she really liked.

The gig was good, afterwards a woman told me that for some song (wish I had asked her which one/s) she thought I sounded like Janis Joplin. Wow. What a compliment that I have never heard...usually I'm compared to The Cranberries or Cocteau Twins, or Kate Bush or Bjork or Joni Mitchell or you get the picture. However, in Specx, we did some Jefferson Airplane covers-super hard to do, which was a good stretch for my voice. 

Then Waz is teaching me some chord progressions on the piano and said, oh that one is in "Someone Like You" so I started playing it/singing it, but it wasn't in the right key. I told him that next week I'd sing it for him, so I figured out which key it's in- A and am now working on it. In order to sing that song, you really do have to belt it out, which I've heard Adele describe herself as. 

I love my piano lessons. It's like a, no, it definitely is a class in theory. And we get to discuss music. He wants me to get a regular piano book to work on my sight reading. I got out a book I had from when I was a teen and played a bit yesterday. Well, yeah, it is amazing to just pick up a piece and start playing, but that's often hard for me. 

The baby bunny is still alive. My friend Nancy told me that it's really hard to keep baby bunnies alive and I said that if I could keep my premature baby Harry alive without benefit of a NICU, then I could certainly keep a baby bunny alive. The story of Harry's birth is the subject of a dormant memoir I have and not something I really want to get into here. But, yes, it gave me the confidence to feed and nurture this bunny, though my daughter has also been extraordinary in the nurturing department, for which I am extremely proud. 

She and I are going to drive to South Dakota in a few weeks to see my Aunt and cousins and my cousin has some cows that are ready to give birth so we'll get to see some calves. I was super nervous about the long drive, but it's imperative that we go visit. I want her to see and remember where she came from and have positive connections with the whole shebang. 

A few years ago my Aunt sent me a box of all of her sewing patterns and it was a bit overwhelming until I organized them, but in talking to my cousin yesterday, he said growing up she made all their clothing except jeans, underwear and socks. She sent me some cool patterns for snow suits/those work uniforms, plus she used to make wedding dresses so there are some super cool patterns for crazy sleeves, etc. And the thing is (which I did yesterday) is to take different patterns (if you're in a hurry) and combine them to get what you want.

For instance, I had stopped working on the outfits for my video due to getting my ep to the printer (! yes it is being made !!!) but I still need to get the nightgowns together so I got out a pattern but wanted to modify it so I found another pattern with sort of the piece I wanted and just did some hocus pocus. It would be over course way better to make my own pattern from scratch, but - don't have time.

But anyway, since I now have a library of patterns, that makes it easier. 

So yes, the cd is at the plant. I'm working on my packaging, silkscreening little bags and making ceramic evil eye protectors and what ever. But I went to visit Billy this week, too, Billy Pozzo who made the diorama for cover #2 and I really want to do a kickstarter campaign featuring his work and need to carve out time to get that set up. 

To save a little money I took a slow production time, which is actually good so I can get everything set up and make some lists of people to send the disc to, etc. I guess people want an EPK (electronic press kit) but me, of course as a maker, I want them to want the physical copy.

Wow. My mind seemed to empty there for a minute, maybe it's time to stop. Work's calling me. Trying to organize my music archives, including my past promo/all lyrics whether songs or not/all finished songs/all previous releases etc. I saved a lot of stuff like original lyrics meaning the scrap of paper or whatever that I started a song with, notes from my recording sessions, flyers I made, etc. 

Anyway, have a great week. xo


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