jeez. another week

So, luckily I'm in a better mood now, but those kids getting separated is a human rights crisis. The idea of the baby snatchers adopting the ones that are cute and young is disturbing and I thought Nicholas Kristof wrote a great column with excerpts from slaves tales of being severed from their mother, Elie Wiesel and now these kids. My grandmother and great aunt lost their mother when they were very young and it affected them a great deal and they stayed with their father! (I mean, they still had one parent).

My new music helps with my mood. The song Lost is just so dreamy and takes my mind to nature and the afterworld where all is rosy. to be a tree and have my friends the birds come and perch in my branches, maybe house a squirrel nest, now that is my idea of heaven. I could have easily written "Butterfly" as "Squirrel" but it doesn't sound as nice. 

So, now it's getting ready to send out, sell, promote, "Pre-Pro" is where I'm at. Kinda a lot of details. No problem there except the list is long, the interruptions are real and the rest of my life doesn't just quit so I can figure this all out. Me, I love the ep. Everything about it, but it might take a while to get notice. 

I've got a few videos in the works, but when the dust is stirred, it seems like a big mess until things start settling, getting closer to completion. No worries. 

Waz doesn't know it but he did buy the first copy off of me. He even tried to give me more money than I asked for but I told him it wasn't that kind of negotiation and we both laughed. His young student had come in at this point and they were going to listen to one song together. I recommended "The Subway" and Waz asked me if it was about the sandwich chain but I told him it was about a recurring dream I used to have. I wonder what he (the student) thought. He played some of the Pink Panther theme for me. So fun. 

Gig tomorrow. Opps! I didn't promote it. Darn. I'll have to send something out. Will have the ep. Made a special bag to carry it around in. I love the bag and wish I could make a bunch to sell but I'm a little overcommitted as it is. It's supposed to rain, but I'll be under a bandshell. 2 hours, and I usually underestimate how many songs to play. Tomorrow I'll have 40-some are very short. Some are long. But better too many than not enough. 

It would be so nice to have an assistant I think from time to time. Someone to organize all this stuff for me. Sometimes I'll imagine the tasks I'd like done-like make a new updated binder of all my songs alphabetically, with a sheet listing them all by name. Kind of a simple thing, but not one I get to. 

Took my son to the waterpark today. It was the perfect day for us because it was cold, and therefore empty and he could sit wherever he wanted to without attracting too much attention. I did make him go on the lazy river with me, but then did a move that was too advanced for me when I tried to get him out without getting him too wet, as he and I were both on one inner tube. I pulled a muscle or something in my leg. Wow. I hobbled out of there as best as I could, and it's not really surprising since I'm kind of a slacker these days, but still. Ouch.

He really wants to go down one of the big slides, but it requires him sitting in 1/2 of a double inner tube and he looks at it like it's a snake that's about to bite him. The slide he really wants to go down would require him to lay on his stomach and hold two handles on a foam sled, but I don't think he can do it. If he and I could sit on one, we could, but (and I get it) they are pretty much sticklers on the rules. 

He did have a great time though. 

Waz helped me work on a piano part for the song "Anybody Out There" that Ainjel wants me to play piano on when we record. I don't have a clue as to how I'm going to pull this one off. Yes, practice. Waz can just come up with something immediately, but me, I am still trying to figure out which inversion of the chords and which note to play in the bass and the grace notes and my fear is that I'll have to write it out in sheet music because I dunno if I can memorize everything that I come up with. But I think it will sound amazing! Luckily I have some time, but honestly, I don't know how much. (this is for EP #4) This will be the 3rd recorded version of this song. Fingers crossed it's the charm. Super slow. 

Have heard one comment so far about the ep. Lost reminds someone of Sigur Ros. What a cool comparison! They are more far-out than I am by a mile but their sonic weavings are beautiful.

ok, better get back to rehearsing for the show. oh and promoting it. duh! Stay positive! Right now I am not thinking how the world seems to be imploding. We have to give it a rest sometimes.




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