Joshua Tree/Thankful

Hi. so. It always seems like so much happens every week. Now I've been to Joshua Tree. Maybe when U2 went there it was just a place in the desert? Ok, I just looked it up a bit. Who knows. I'm not going to speculate or do research rn.

No. I am going to say that it's an amazing place and I really loved the rocks. It's funny, because I think of myself as a tree person, but I'm also a rock person. I mean, I did write a song about the red rocks in Zion National Park in Utah. And when I visit places, I do find myself bringing home little rocks. But until last weekend, I didn't really make the connection. Even though, I told my husband that I had even considered getting a tattoo of a rock on my upper arm (probably wouldn't have turned out well, so I'm glad that didn't happen :)

But yes. The rocks are really something. Not the rocks at the entry to the park-those look like piles of rubble (sorry) but the smooth ones in the park, the ones made by magma. The ones that provide some of the most beautiful landscape anywhere. Walking between the rocks was such a pleasure. I could envision buildings made to recreate this feeling, not being so linear, being more rounded. And the plants that manage to grow in between the rocks.

But, whatever you do, Don't Touch the Cholla. I mean, you can lightly touch a few points of their needles, but that is about it. Unless you want to embarrass yourself, in which case, by all means.

I found myself inspired to write some more/new songs as if I needed any! I can't get the ones I've written recorded, so what am I doing? But it was almost like being in an orchard and there was fruit all around and you only had to reach out and there they were. The songs, that is.

Being an artist and having a life is a balance. It's hard, because sometimes I would just like to create all day, but that is not my life at the moment. Accepting what is, and doing my best with what is.

Ainjel and I are in talks to start another ep (so that's #4 if you are counting) from scratch and I have songs, but then I thought, well, if these new Joshua Tree inspired songs are solid, maybe we should do this as an ep (or that's #5) because she loves Joshua Tree and recently got married there. But of course, we need to finish ep #3. 

I felt a bit out of sorts singing in LA, maybe because I've recorded the vocals for these 3 songs (one is already done/mixed) several times already some point I just wonder, is this really doing to be better? At some point is my voice just not going to get it better? So I have to wait and see. 3 serious topics, too. It was kind of cool at Ainjel recognized the seriousness of the songs-that is rare, most producers jus think about the overall sound and not exactly the content-so it felt momentous and really, at the end of the day, I just want the songs to reach out and touch someone. And I have to trust Ainjel.


My bandcamp page is not done, and getting my ep on Spotify has hit some snag and pledgemusic has not closed my account/paid my final bit, so those are the techno glitches I have to deal with.

And then there's the pop up I'm to have Dec. 8th. I realized that the adage, "Have your work cut out for you," is somewhat profound. I think a lot of metaphors have to do with sewing since that was really a big part of people's lives, especially before the advent of the sewing machine and industrialized sewing. So, on my own, I was just saying to myself to get a lot of bags cut out, and then I would sew them, because that would be easier than cutting each thing out as I went. 

It's easier to attack this project if indeed, my work is cut out for me.

OK> I have two kids flanking me wanting something. Harry wants to watch videos on my laptop and Ruby wants me to steam her a tamale. So, maybe this is a good time to end,


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are having a nice weekend. Ruby wanted to see what Black Friday was about so we went to a store after seeing the new Wreck it Ralph movie. Long lines. Now she knows.

Ok, I asked her to give me 5 minutes and she's already calling me again, so this is good to end.



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