last week was a vacation?

So. I skipped a week. Should have written some generic post for times like this, but got back from NY very late last Thursday night, so super tired, then my daughter had a 1/2 day and the weekend + Monday was totally shot with kids/family then scrambled to get some things done.

So. Now the first ep is mastered. Working on a few packaging aspects then off to the manufacturer. The mastering session was great, Greg is so skilled, it's like watching anyone who is amazing at what they do. We somehow managed to catch up in between all the commotion-his whole office is moving to NJ and I was just awestruck at how he was able to keep his focus...and after my project-he had another 12 tracks and a single to master by the end of the day! But I did start crying when he pulled up "Lost" and I'm still crying when I listen to it in the car. It really gets me when song gets to the lyric, "A tree...isn't it good...a tree." I've put nature references in so many songs, but this one is just so personal for me. 

So many songs on the radio are about romance, which is great and I love a good love song, too, but there is a whole world beyond human interactions.

So, (lots of so-s) now I'm back to working on the videos. Greg said I should make a video for Lost of the radio edit, and/but I'm thinking I'll have one for each cut. I'm waiting for the land to "green up" a bit before I shoot footage for the radio version, so am working on "Subway" for now. Cut out a pair of silk pajamas and need to sew up. The silk is really beautiful and I had just enough--got it years ago at a yard sale, but/and/as part of my "use it up" thing, I'm trying to use what I have...though have bought some fabric in anticipation for certain future videos.

Yesterday I did get to an estate sale because I saw a photo of the lady's pins and there were so many butterfly ones! I was not first in line, so some got snapped up before me, but I managed to get a bundle and will figure out how to incorporate them into a video/videos. When my first cd, "Heliotrope" came out, people used to give me butterfly everything, but now only a few friends still do. Anyway, pins are super cool and they seem to be an essential if you want to wear one of the wraps I make. Plus-it's an accessory (!) and as an accessory designer, I can't argue with that :)

My self-prepared tax returns are being looked over by our state, which put me in a super foul mood, simply because I am hyper-aware that the taxes have grown beyond my capabilities and I didn't really want to do them this year for that reason, but on the bright side-I think I will be relieved of this job going forward!

So, I embarked on a fast to rid myself of this dark cloud, and it seems to be working! Sometimes I fight myself on fasting, but not this time. And it's been easy so far, no real cravings/only a slight headache. Not sure how long I will go, because next week is a super celebratory week and there will be parties, etc. My Mother-in-Law was going to make an angel food cake, which from what I understand is a super hard thing to do, and therefore shows off her amazing culinary skills, but my daughter has been into Christina Tosi, and her "birthday cake" extravaganza, and while it is a sugar bomb and not something I'd choose to make for myself, it is something that the girl will thrill over. So MIL is going to make it. Yea!

Now the dogs are back. Sometimes I'm honored that they want to spend their time inside during the week by my side, but sometimes I'd also like it if they weren't jumping with my every move. Macy was just staring attentively at me, then came over for a pet. They do go out and in all day, too, and she's the one who barks angrily to be let in. But they are adorable. 

Started a new painting this week, due to my foul mood, just wanted to paint. I never paint the same painting twice, and so it's always a new discovery. I might have the same framework for my abstracts--ie the swirly line, but the execution is different. And it's a challenge. But one involving color and shape and composition. And self-pleasing, though my husband usually stops by to offer his support. 

Piano is still going well. Waz is having me learn a bit of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" only giving me the chords and the position, i.e. root, 1st or 2nd inversion and it just seems like an impossibility. I watch him feely play it, then play it in a different style and come home and barely get through one measure (I learned how to read sheet music, so this is very hard for me) and I even wrote out some of the chords, though I understand the lesson is to be free of the music. But, after about 10 minutes, I had to play what I heard, i.e. compose something of my own and I found that I have been learning something! because I played a bit then played a variation of it in a different key. wow. And it sounded ok back to back. another wow. It's like being in a foreign land, learning another language. 

Then there's ceramics. I got back some pieces yesterday, they turned out well, wedged some porcelain clay and made some free formed plates after rolling some of my Great Aunt's lovely tatted round pieces in them. And then making a bunch of evil eye protectors. I also tried a plate-after seeing some really beautiful ones at BDDW in NY, where everything in that store is I am trying to emulate their technique. I also realized that I want to replace the plastic organizers in a few drawers with ceramic ones, so will work on those. It's best to go in to this studio with a plan, which I'm slowly getting. I'll have to go back to the wheel, but I'm liking the flat rolling and shaping for now. 

Well, that's my week. 

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