Music Schmusic

I'm printing out some instructions to learn how to solder. I took a jewelry making course, well, I audited it after college for free/no grade, but that was a long time ago. I'm ready and want to try again. 

It would be cool to learn how to wield a torch, then I could make new stained glass windows, jewelry and other accessories and maybe, eventually, one day...maybe weld! wow. I know a woman who welds out here. The welding class is actually hard to get into/fills up fast.

(welding would lead to large metallic sculptures, if you haven't guessed) But tbh, I'm not there.

No, I want to solder so I can make more accessories so I can sell them so I can earn some money to finish my music.

And the videos.

I've got 3 videos (I think) in various stages of being edited and it's awesome and they are great, but I also did two on my own, without really planning and I like the second one, for "Et, Tu Lindsey" because I get to listen to my song. The video is not too distracting and it's super simple.

I could get better at recording myself live and I might! I got an update on how to do my sound last week from my buddy and former producer, Mike Shimshack who is...producing again!!! He produced my 3rd CD which is called :LESLIE NUSS: (it has the sort of magazine cover as album cover cover.)

Anyway, I am shite (as some say) at recording and Ainjel even gave me a lesson/started me in Garage Band but...I am all thumbs there. nmt (not my thing) though, of course, I could try harder. 

But whatever. So right. Maybe after all of these new recordings, I'll just release songs on YouTube with my own simple videos and call it a day. I'm not going to make any money from the music anyway, or so it seems, and unless I can start touring, No biggie. 

I added the video for "Et Tu, Lindsey" to my homepage here and I think it looks awesome! Like, wow. I have TWO videos here. And pretty soon, I'll have 5. V. Five. And, that almost seems like too many, but I can do what I please.

Still working on my piano cover version of "You've Got a Friend" and using a metronome. There's a "walk down" which I get nervous about, so play that slowly in the beginning then speed up. But I'm working on it :)

Going to learn another song. Waz and I usually go over some chords which leads me to shouting out the songs that also use those chords, so we ended up on "Rocket Man" which would be fun to sing. I like playing around with genders, well, I've used the phrase "whipping boy" in a song because when I was tying to think of examples of what I wanted to sing, there didn't seem to be a good equivalent for females, but I digress.

To recap: Learning how to solder so I can.....make stuff to sell*. Using proceeds to finish recordings/videos. Might play shows but hard to book/get a booking agent, etc. Will work on releasing more videos that I can make/edit myself. *though I have other things to make/sell, I think this is sort of a "eureka" moment for me. 

rock on with your big bad self.



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