New Video for Glory Days

so, I'm a few days late here, but good excuse. I was filming a video for "Glory Days" and really needed to finish on Friday. Personally, I think editing doesn't get enough credit, because the editing will make this footage that I shot into something great. It sort of tells the story of the song. But the loft of the garage where I filmed was sweltering and it shows in some of the takes. But it was fun to do and now I'm excited to work on the next one, which will be for "The Subway"

Waz is here tuning my piano. He has been very kind to give it such TLC and work on the action of the keys. He's the piano whisperer and even though I don't practice nearly as much as I should, I am still learning so much. 

The other day I had wanted to write a post about my move from Champaign IL to NYC but the things I wanted to write then are not the things I want to write now. However, I can say that sometimes I still regret that move to the extent that my career is not where I'd like it to be, because I had been playing in a band with my best friend Alison on drums and we could have toured quite easily from a home base in Champaign/Urbana. 

And, had I not been so offended at how my job as a recycling coordinator was perceived, and how i was perceived, i.e. too young to be taken seriously or given a respectable salary, I would have stayed. Because the irony is that the salary I was offered at UIUC was not much lower than the salary I received in my first job as a designer in NYC, and my rent in NYC was 3x what it had been in Illinois, though I couldn't have possibly known that. 

And I think about that young girl who was upset by the unfairness of it all, and I would coach my daughter differently, or at least try to think through everything. But that's only because I really would have liked a bigger career in music. Because, going to the Fashion Institute of Technology was great, and I am proud of my work in the fashion industry. And I've done a lot of things that I did feel compelled to do, like take care of my mom, but it all goes back to my irritation of the lack of recognition for women in music. Will I get to help rectify this deficit? I dunno. I can try, though.

One think though, too, is that since I'm so indie and no one really cares what I do, I can actually go back and make videos for songs that I've already released, like "Drive," which I did on Saturday. There happened to be a 1960's Cadillac in pristine condition and so....I ran home, changed and shot one. Piece of cake, except, darn, there's that editing. But, this one I think I'll try to edit on my own (unlike "Glory Days", etc which will all get pro editing). However, if I can't match the lip synching to the song, I may get help. 

Going to try to shoot footage for The Subway tomorrow and Wednesday. I lent one of my nightgowns to a friend and she still has it which was a fear I had. Maybe I can get her to send it today.

ok, gotta run and see if she can.



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