oh. this needs a title

so maybe now isn't the best time to start a blog. I mean, I'm kind of busy and all over the place. Should I design something? And if so, what. A handbag? A belt? (yes). Should I write a song? (yes) Should I play on the piano and see what happens? (yes) Should I finish the eps I've started? (yes) Should I perform my domestic duties? (yes) Should I practice for my show next week? (yes) And get an outfit together? (yes)

And then write a weekly blog, too? Hmmm. 

The other day, I got up to about 1,000 words on this to be my first official blog post, but it was dark. I thought it was dark, about my views of gender relations and I thought I didn't want to be that dark.

Then, I got terribly ill-a stomach bug from eating avocados-my body doesn't love them, and had to really slow down for 2 days. I had to lay down and I always think-oh no. Cancer. Or Lyme disease. And I think, can I get better? My daughter really comforted me. She put on warm socks, got me her blankets, a stuffed animal, put an ice pack on my head, took my temperature, got me water and wiped my nose because I started to cry because I hate being sick. And she hugged me. I know she will be good mommy now. She was so proud of herself in a nice, happy way. 

Then yesterday, stomach thing gone, but gravity was really strong. I would do one thing then have to lay down. It must be what chronic fatigue feels like. I felt so guilty, but no one seemed to mind. Thankfully my son has an after school caregiver and I was able to lay down. But I still finished a song. And did laundry. 

Now, today I'm much better. But I definitely don't want to be dark. I thought of just publishing the VM song idea I did today, so people could get an idea of what I do. But, since I had the phone on my lap, it's hard to hear. 

IN other, great and fantastic news, I heard from my producer, Josh. He is doing soooooo much better. It is a miracle and he totally makes the case for signing up to be an organ donor. He is someone truly worthy and his life makes other people happy. (I'm thinking about his family, specifically). We think we will be back in the studio in January. He wanted to start in a few weeks...but I really want him to recoup as much as possible first. Plus, the holidays are crazy. No way, no work.

So, this is this week's blog post. Still not really long enough-I did read that the idea post is about 1600 words. Here's something I made for myself awhile ago. I think it worked! xo have a great week! xo Leslie

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