ok, wow. so this will be a double

Hmmm. Last week I didn't blog because I was trying to finish/record/make a video of a second protest song called Et Tu, Lindsey. I did it, it's on YouTube, yea! The video is very primitive...as my friend Jenny wants me to "get into iMovie" more, but hard to find the time. I agree-making a compelling video is awesome! but...am I the person to do that, too? dunno.

Then, it was pack and pick up my daughter and drive off to the airport so we could go to NYC for the weekend. 

And, I guess I thought I'd write a post on the plane, but then I did something else--oh yeah, read, and then once we were there, forget it and then, once back, well, it was all about the new week.

NYC was great. We went to see the exhibit "Heavenly Bodies" at the Cloisters and the Met and it surpassed my expectations. I did get teary at the Met because going head first into fashion was something I considered off an on, and am still considering it! The clothing and the choices and the mannequins and the styling and the hair were all lovely. It was very inspirational and I came back energized.

My daughter's favorite part was hanging out with her favorite babysitter who has relocated to New York with her husband! It was cool to see her there--we met in Bryant Park and then did some shopping because Ruby wanted to--and got some clothing...

then we walked down to FIT because my daughter wanted to see where I went to school...and there were some more cool exhibits there, too. So it was a big fashion weekend.

We hung with my friends in their super luxe renovated/expanded apartment and I joked with my friend about our former apartment on 9th Ave and 45th St. We even drove by it in a cab...has a very shiny handrail now. But my friend's place is super nice and will undoubtedly give my daughter a skewed impression of how New Yorkers live. 

I wore my "Free the Women" t-shirt on the plane both ways and got some nods from fellow passengers. Sadly, things have probably died down a little because it's so unhealthy to maintain that level of outrage, even though we need to. 

Day by day, little by little, the thing gets done.

Ok this is short but I am going to jump and write another one so I can be consistent with the weekly blog.


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