So. A few weeks ago, I asked Waz what was the purpose of me learning the different keys, etc on the piano. Waz laughed. And here I am, today, playing Carpet Crawlers on piano, Stairway to Heaven yesterday and some of my own songs a few days ago. What a revelation. He came back this week to tweak my studio piano, because after he graciously fixed the clunk with some epoxy, some epoxy wandered and stuck a few keys together.

He didn't even notice how much I had cleaned my studio! But he did notice my self-portrait, if only because of the scarf I am wearing in the portrait (!) Nothing else looks like me, I guess, haha. 

So, this morning I finally rearranged the music part of the studio. It's like I'm getting closer to the finish line or something. "Speed comes with mastery," Waz said. Now my music part looks/feels workable. Still need to sort through my files, because over the years they have become mixed up. And today I'm going to finally put up the poster from my White Album LP that I've been saving since I was a girl. Need a frame. --> Target!

As I type, I'm looking at a large box that temporarily houses the baby bunny we are loving until it's big enough to live on its own. I suggested "Sugarlumps" but Ruby is convinced it's an "Alvin" He's adorable, and she is over the moon. Alvin and his littermate were discovered by Hank who was pouring a driveway here. We moved the nest and observed for a few days, the littermate vanished that night, but yesterday, I found Sugarlumps Alvin tumbling in water and said, "Ok, that's it!" It's such a tricky thing, but as his eyes are open now and he seems to have woken up after a bit of kitten formula, I think it was the right decision. 

Anyway, gotta send off the ep. Hard to get it all done. Packaging tweaks, videos to shoot, gigs to play/book, practice to do, plus everything else. I need a time-turner. oh yeah, and new music to record, other eps to finish. hahahahahahahah, I'm cracking up.

no not really

The child raises the artist. 

What a beautiful day today is. Green outside, warm, my squirrel buddy about to come by for a bit of late breakfast. He's got a real red streak on his back. Kind of a tiny squirrel, but super cure. I put one bowl right next to the glass garage door, so after he/she gets what's in the tree, she/he will come and look in on me. I guess about a month ago a few deer were looking in early in the morning, but I missed it. 

Carpet Crawlers. What a beautiful song. We've got a gig next Friday and I'd like to sing it. 

This is from yesterday, before I reorganized the music part of my studio. I'm draping some fabric for a nightgown for the video shoot of "The Subway" xo


Here comes a blue jay. Oooh, and some bird that's white, black with a bit of red. Not a flicker. A warbler? A woodpecker? The jay chased it off. I got some meal worms to attract the blue bird of happiness, but as the squirrel seems to be lounging in the jello mold I have out, I'll have to work on it. Some people get super angry about squirrels eating bird seed. I guess I need to put out some kind of feeder that squirrels can't get into, but put some out for the squirrel, too. 

I held a baby squirrel once. It was a thrill. 

Well, I could just write all day, but as I've realized that a lot of our common sayings have to do with sewing/making, I'll end with, "I've got my work cut out for me."

rock on, next week,



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