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fa la la la la, la la la la

it's early and by making a modicum of noise, the dogs have realized that I'm awake and are now scratching at my daughter's door wanting to be let out. I'm going to see if they will settle down, because otherwise that will mean I can't do much, as they will need to be fed/go outside, then Macy will probably bark if I return to the loft, where I am now. oooh. She just barked. Now she's pissed, because she knows I'm awake and I think her reasoning is that she has to start her day now. 

I spend a lot of time trying to figure her out. We're cautioned against anthropomorphic attributions to animals, but why is it wrong to assume that they have thought processes and make assessments of situations, etc just like we do? I certainly don't think they think like me in any way, but I try to view things from a situational standpoint. 

fa la la la la, la la la la

We've had them sleep in the garage, but my daughter loves to have them on her bed and if they can all get a good night sleep that way, then I'm all for it. She's said that Mr. B (the other dog, Macy's son) is her best friend. I had a few hamsters growing up, and while I enjoyed them, I didn't have the same connection, so I don't want to get in the middle of it too much.

Now I think it is Mr. B nudging the door with his nose. But I'm going to ignore them, well, actually I am actively listening for them, but still don't want to let them out. But that may change.

fa la la la la, la la la la

The pop up shop is today, and I forgot to make cards, as my husband suggested. I want to do that now, and also a few other things, like write in my journal and pay some bills. I notice that the finger tip on my left index finger is numb which must be from hand sewing some straps on some of the bags for the shop. Never noticed that before. But it's a lot rougher pushing thick waxed cord through holes and tying it as tight as you can vs. sewing a hem or a button (etc) on a garment. Making bags can be some tough work. 

However, they turned out great. I'm so glad I talked to my friend Jennifer the other day because she told me how much she loved the bag I'm now calling The Jennifer which prompted me to make some more for tomorrow--and subsequently improve on some of the details. She told me she uses it all the time and for really great purposes-like to go to shows and while she travels to keep her money, etc safe and that it's the perfect size and goes with anything. The only things I could do to improve it (I think) would be to make the strap adjustable, though no one's ever complained of that--but it's currently a cross body bag and women are varying heights. I guess I need a little shop like those ladies in Manhattan who make sandals..I've been to two of them, both very illuminating. Having something customized is a great thing.

fa la la la la, la la la la 

Ok, and I could line the bag, though it's not necessary. And I could add another compartment. I've thought of the compartment, not really a pocket but a separate opening. Maybe I'll try that soon. And I could try leather. 

Why am I writing about this and not my general angst? Because my friend Jenny (a different friend) told me that i need to be more positive. She caught me at the end of the day yesterday when it seemed everyone was screaming in my house. Just being loud, maybe competing for attention? I dunno. But she is the one who thinks I just need to make a video "go viral" and that will solve all of my music problems. She did not seem to think I needed to tour, but play festivals. The business side of music is a lot. I guess instantly, I think that I'm not super involved in the business side of my accessories, or at least so far. 

fa la la la la, la la la la

But anyway, ok. after the pop up. Festivals. And I've been that super optimistic person before. But sometimes she  (meaning the  optimistic part of myself) makes bad decisions. She/I thinks things will work out alright, but then sometimes they don't and that crash is really hard. That doesn't make me a pessimist, but. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not trying or doing new things. I'm just wary about hype. And I'm sensitive about inviting people to things, maybe because for years I had a mailing list where I mailed actual postcards to people for my shows. Though, I did like it and try to make it fun. Maybe I need to revive that. Hmmm. Yes, ok. For the next pop up, I could mail postcards. Now this I like. 

Jenny is the one who called me Job (as in the Bible) years and years ago. Am I still Job? Holding out for things to turn around, not renouncing -- well, what would I be renouncing, exactly? Hope? Love? any of the virtues? Right now we seem to be in the midst of a post-virtue world. Vice is at the top, though slowly being brought to heel. My twitter feed is full of this. 

I did an interview for a music blog, called Liner Notes with Jason Freitag:

which was so generous of him. Not sure how in-depth to go to answer the questions--all really good questions, and tbh, not sure how in depth to answer his question about was my family encouraging of me doing music--which is a super good 100% thought-provoking one, realizing I could have said more. (so I guess there could be another interview somewhere else--more to say)

But it was amazing to read what Andrew Griffin had to say about my new ep. He's from Valparaiso, lives near SF and has toured with Cake, has his own band, Felsen and still tours with other bands. He and I are seeing how we could do a project together. (there are so many songs! more than enough for Ainjel and others :) He was going to be here in a few weeks but had to change plans.

Anyway, I see him as more of a Death Cab for Cutie vibe and 1. I love DCFC and 2. Write in that style. Andrew released a cd for Felsen recently and there was a song I really really liked and thought about. And he's a drummer, which is intriguing since not very many of the drummers I've played with over the years write songs as well. (Drumming is enough! seriously. A full mind and body workout)

---the dogs have settled. I'm sure they realize I'm not down there, because if I were, I don't think they would have stopped.

fa la la la la, la la la la

anyway, I've got more 1/2 worked on songs and then I've got new songs. Ainjel and I need to figure out what's going to be on ep #4 and then Andrew can work on other ones. I'm thinking of having him listen to "Buildings Move" which is a song I started with Kyle Paas in NYC. It's 6 1/2 minutes but we were butting heads a lot and it got super frustrating and Ainjel was reluctant to work on it since it sort of kind of cribs a Beatle's lyric. I went to the Beatle's publisher and sent them the song and never heard from them again. I'm all for giving them attribution but not most of the publishing. It's a small portion of the overall song. But I love this song. 

Then we could build an ep around that, or not. Or just release singles. He liked my protest songs, though they seem dated now, ha. Maybe that's up to me to curate. I mean, I could send him a ton of stuff but would he want to wade through it? Everyone's time is valuable. 

Then, I'm working on a remix. I've started talking to a studio/mixer but it's very early. I had to be very clear what I'm after, since I have never met this person and don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past. "We shall see," something my father would ominously say, but now we sort of say it in a half-joking kind of way. 

fa la la la la, la la la la

And figuring out how to submit to Spotify for consideration for a playlist before something's released. I need to work on that a bit. Ainjel got me to record a live version of "Deck the Halls" and I got it back and it sounds good, very sparse. Fred says, "very breathy." It's sort of filled with the spirit of gentle listening. And I was super proud of myself because I wrote a quick chord chart on the fly in the studio. Waz made the correction I needed when I showed it to him. I needed to add a line to my bracket showing ending 1 and 2. 

No lessons in December. Waz doesn't teach, realizes there's too much going on. What do you give your piano teacher? I want to bake something, because I enter his house through the kitchen and it seems like an obvious choice. My daughter wants to bake this month, and I told her ok as long as we give most of it away, because homemade cookies are hard to resist. Sugar/shortbread cookies? Chocolate Chip? the only one I really don't like is snickerdoodles. and ok, I don't really like hard crispy cookies.

I have tried to make chocolate chip cookies just like my mom made-sort of thin but super soft and I just can't. Honestly, it had to be her oven, her pans....OOOOOH> just realized she never used a cooling rack, which you're supposed to, so of course I have one/use one. But maybe that's her secret? I remember her laying them out on aluminum foil on top of newspaper then putting them in this old battered tin and sometimes they would stick together and that would be even better and just loving them. 

fa la la la la, la la la la.

Happy Holidays!



(fa la la la la, la la la la)


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