What a crazy week in the world. Shine a light, people!

I think I am yet again one week behind on the blog? I'm not even sure. But the kids are in school, the snow has melted and I'm making the clothes for the show. I even made myself a small sign that says, "Is it time to panic? NO" Now that I'm more than 50% done, it's a bit easier. 

Most of my machines are old to ancient and my trusty Elna stopped working yesterday. It's fixable, but not by me, so I ended up grabbing this much older little Singer that only stitches forward. I had it out to sell, and am now glad I hadn't (yet). 

I suppose I could do a kickstarter to buy some nicer/newer/better machines. Over the weekend I made a really nice tote for my in-laws and thought it would be cool to sell 5-10 of those. I'd have to figure out a few things to offer on Kickstarter first, of course. But now my studio is set up pretty well, efficient and organized.

My hand/arm is much better-I didn't get a new keyboard yet though I looked at Best Buy and realized I'll just have to order one, but at the end of the day my elbow and forearm still hurt. But not as much. So there's that.

Went to my piano lesson yesterday. Tried to show off to Waz by playing a new song bit and he was, of course, not impressed. He said that all songs need 3 things: a beginning, a middle and and end. But I wanted to ask him about (an easier way) to find complimentary chords than just noodling around-which is what I do now and so he gracefully showed me/told me a few things to play that would sound good with what I had. And that was super helpful! Of course, he's rattling off chord progressions and why this chord will sound good with that chord and then I'm made so aware of my lack of education in this aspect. But no matter, while I have a ways to go, I'm still learning and working and each thing builds on the other.

So I told him that next week I'd like to bring a completed song. 

Then my good friend Jennifer came to visit en route back to Chicago after spending the day at Notre Dame. She was so excited to pass my studio window and see me sewing. When we were in college, she used to say, "Nuss. It's us" would be my catch phrase but it was more like a parody. But then, of course that's the first thing she says when we meet. And I had thought of it after we made plans for her to visit.

It was fun to show her what I've got done for the show and she was happy I am doing what I've always done-make wacky clothes. Our conversation encompassed so much and always good to exchange thoughts and views and experiences. I gave her a ceramic plate as a belated birthday gift--my arm hurt too much to get a package together in Jan.--and I always hope that my friends like these homemade gifts. She follows a hashtag on IG for ceramics, so that was cool to look at and see what other people are doing. My pieces are so crude compared to what some people are doing. But that's ok. I like to make what I make! It might be fun to try painting some silly things on plates--I'll have to make a totally plain, flat one to give that a try, but since I'm such a poor illustrator, it might be fun.

Next week is a bit chopped up for me-kids appointments and meetings, but I'd love to start making some new clothes for myself. Aha! I could do that as "research" for my Kickstarter campaign. I mean, I do have a men's shirt and a men's athletic/drawchord pattern, so I'm good there. But what would I make for women? 

1. Tote

2. Men's shirt

3. Men's pant

4. Women's dress???

5. Women's top???

6. One additional bag? 

7. Necklace made with my ceramic beads?

8. Belt?

ok, wow. That's a lot. I'll need to print this one out and look at it some more. Could I pull this off? I guess I could figure out what I'd like to buy, how much it would cost, then figure out how many pieces I'd need to sell to get the $$. That would work. 

Maybe I could have a starter amount, sort of an "unlimited" item, that would include the ep and a t-shirt? 


Ok. (do I need another project?) Until/Unless I can make money with music, this is the only path for me. I absolutely LOVe writing new songs. I'll do that no matter what. (well-will start them at least) But why bother with the else?

Now you are getting a birds-eye view into my head. This is how I'm thinking through this problem, which is what to do with myself. Yes, I would like to play a two week tour in Europe this summer. But then again-contacting all of the booking agents in Europe who book singer/songwriters will take a lot of time--unless I just batch it in a mass email and state my case. ie writing each one individually would be so much more time consuming.

But other than that, oh and this new recording project I'm almost starting with the drummer in Oakland and then of course the two new unreleased eps that Ainjel has finished/is finishing, my only other projects are:

1. Painting that has stalled :( (and which I'd love to get back to)

2. My screenplay that I have not yet begun formatting.

3. Ceramics-which is just a weekly thing, no big deal

4. Piano lessons and maybe adding guitar.

Jeez. This seems a bit nuts when I type it all out.

5. My twitter habit. 

6. The kids/housekeeping/personal life.

Maybe it's time to Marie Kondo my schedule. The thing is, that I can find joy. But perhaps I need to make a more set schedule. Years ago in college I took a time management seminar. I used the photocopied sheet for years which broke every day into either 15 minute blocks or 1/2 hour. (wonder if I have one lying around???) This was to help me do all the pre-med courses my 5th year. Because I had switched my major from Biology to Fashion Sophomore year, I only completed Chemistry 101 and 102 before the onslaught.

It's weird, because I was just thinking about this yesterday, how I knew that IF I wanted to go to Med School, the time to do all the requirements was now, before I graduated. At the time I was horribly depressed because I just couldn't get a grip on my path in life. So, I didn't want to close off my options. But then taking Textile Science (it was a 300 level course) and Organic Chemistry, Biology and maybe Physiology in the same semester was a lot. I think I panicked the entire semester.

And did fine. a C in Organic Chemistry, but that was considered a good grade! I found Organic Chem to be very hard and I just couldn't get a handle on the reactions. I think I was thinking there was some formula I could easily remember, but no. And there was a rumor that some kids in finance were taking it just for fun and ruining the curve. I was more or less in awe that they were doing so well when it wasn't their major!

Anyway, you know I didn't go to medical school. So was it a waste to take those classes? I don't know. It was super cool to be in the lab and in general I like science and the people who study it. But could I do a physics problem now? Not easily. Sometimes it felt like when I was doing science, I left my body -because I don't know how I understood it. 

To jump back to sewing, making the men's shirts was cool, because I made the pattern and then I didn't even need written instructions. And I didn't write any, except a few notes on the pattern. I made them collarless, because it's easier and less business-like. And I could make this shirt all day. And in S-L. And garment dyed. And why not? Let's spin the wheel!!!!!

Let's say that next week I'll have a new song. 

Have a great week!!!




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