show tonight

Well, was going to get this done earlier, but my daughter needed lunch money and we took a detour to an estate sale where I got a super fun pair of sneaker roller-skates for $1 and we got a painting by a local artist Jan Sullivan-giant canvas-for $60 (sort of a crime that it was so cheap). 

Then, worked on outfit/dress and voice warm up and run through the set-why did I pick these songs? is that goes through my mind. The idea was to slow things down, play slowly, as I think we all need to chill. So that part's good, but we, I say we in this instance to refer to my co-conspirators, Andrew Bray on keyboards and Bill Romer on drums. Surprisingly, they seemed into the slow bit, so we will see. It's an experiment. 

Painting, yes, still painting, but if you do a portrait of someone you know and you have mixed feelings about that person, it's a powerful experience. I am currently doing a good friend, though and have given her a halo of golden hair, "just for fun," as my mother used to say. 

It's sorta spring-y here, some shoots popping up, nice to see some green. I put out some seeds, then was running through the set and a squirrel got really interested and was looking in the windows of my studio. It was so sweet. Maybe soon I'll get bolder and open the garage door and see if some creatures venture inside. But then, it could get tense if they freak out and feel trapped. 

I'll get some video of the show, and hopefully post some songs on youtube. sorry so short, but the day goes by quick.



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