Sitting on the Roof

Well, I better sit up here today because it's probably the last day of morning peace I'll have for the next few months. It's nice. I love having a roof deck. It's taken a while to get it user-friendly, but this year's the year. I've got two chairs and just got an umbrella and will haul up some semi-rotting teak loungers (after I power wash them) and then I'm mostly there. I'd like a planter with some boxwoods, a long rectangular one or two. I have wooden flooring, thanks to IKEA and the door is right off my loft in my art studio. It's super nice. 

I'm almost ready for the video shoot for The Subway. I've got two outfits sewn (except for ribbon on a gown) and getting the green screen up. I've heard a green screen needs to be well lit to work well, but since the song is about a dream, I figure anything goes. Dreams are often grainy when you remember them. And when you're in them, they only feel about 80% real, and that sounds kind of easy to accomplish with the knowledge and equipment I have available to me (an iPhone 8) I mean, it's not some underwater scene or ??? something with crazy cuts or animation. And the audio doesn't have to match 100%. I'm low budget-it SHOULD look low budget. 

But I seem to have stuck in a few paintings which slowed me down a little bit. And needed to clean the rental house. Which isn't really an excuse, but I "need" to make outfit #3 and even though I made a sketch, I still need to figure out how to cut it out--I want to use ivory silk and only have a small amount. So I need to be intentional, and I don't have an existing pattern for this outfit. Maybe I will just drape it on my dress form and try to cut it out without a pattern. Srsly, I need to get busy. 

When I tried to play the song I have been writing for Waz, it didn't go as well as I had hoped, but then I haven't exactly made a full lyric/chord sheet yet, either. I told Waz I wanted to write some "Arena Rock," and he chuckled (yes, it was a chuckle, a word I have never usefore) and said, "Power Ballads." And I smiled, because ok Waz, game on! It would be amazing to write one. My husband told me my new song, "And this is a compliment," he said, "Reminds me of a really great Elton John song." and I thought? DUH of course that's a compliment! wow. My piano playing is very simple, so no, I can't even touch the hem of EJ's bell bottoms. But, I liked the idea of it. 

Now I'm looking into multiple disc releases. There are a lot of options. I want to reissue my first cd, Heliotrope, but then I thought a boxed set with my first 4 releases, with maybe some new mixes/mastering--I have Round 3 session files so I know at least that one could get a tweak, and trying to track down a tape machine/producer seems a challenge and haven't approached any other producer yet. But, time to get in a side dream/vision. Could be fun to get in a Dogwater track, my early demos, photos, video-I have live footage, too. But this may take a year to pull together (or more). And if I could sell 300 I'd do it. I mean, I'm starting work on it, and 300 is my goal. I'm working on pricing now. 

It's weird, but doing this music is not wholly unlike being an accessories designer. Staying on top of things, because that's your job. Samples, counter samples, correspondence, this season, next season, sales, trends, some things I've done and some things I've yet to do. 

The 2nd ep is almost approved. I'm a bit shocked that it's 1. so short and 2. uplifting (well, I knew 2 songs were, but I wondered if the other two would drag the vibe down. Answer, no. 3. one song is SO boomy, that the car shook yesterday. It's the kind of summer/roll down the windows song. It's almost goth lyrically and it's 98% Kyle Paas, which is nice. Ainjel added a few sounds and a bg vocal. But he should get a win for this. 

If I thought I could get my daughter to help me with the preparations of the first ep when it needs to be packed and shipped, I would. I know she COUlD do the things I'm doing-silkscreening, threading the ties into the bag, packing the items in the sleeve, putting on a sticker, adding whatever else needs to be added...I kinda like assembly lines, blame Mr. Rogers--he got me to think factories were fun. 

Sorry. I think I am running out of steam. It's bright out here and hopefully not many typos. I think I need to get back to my to-do list. 

Have a great weekend!


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