The state of the state

Ok why do we make art? What is it about music? I feel like music is basically changing the air. Manipulating the air--basically creating something out of thin air. And then to record the air? It's like having fly paper--trying to get the air to "stick." I hear a melody, music, and I get out my guitar and see what's there. Often it's nothing much--or I'm not compelled to finish it, to bring it all the way out, but then other times, I do. 

I didn't write many songs for a few years. Ideas came and went, but like friends who stop calling, I tried to chase the songs away. Then slowly, the wheel was turned and they started pouring out of me again. And now there are two eps to complete, really, there are three, but if I can get one out at a time that will be a big deal. 

A good recording is like an orchestra. So many parts, so many players. I'm not the conductor, but the impetus, the reason for the project. 

As a woman in music, sometimes I feel lonely. There are other women, women I know in music, but many aren't very active anymore which is a shame. It's a rough gig, and yet...and yet...singing is wonderful. Singing is life and living and playing the guitar is a miracle. Knowing that the way I sang THAT line THAT way THAT day is how it will be remembered is something. Sometimes you fix things...and sometimes the quirks are good. 

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