what a week/protest song

Jeez, what a S*(Tshow, at least for me. So much triggering of trauma and dismay at the machinations and ministrations of those who run this country. It's hard to even being to express what I feel. I feel, as a songwriter, I'm supposed to be neutral about a lot of things, and yet, also, as a songwriter, I'm a person who basically gets on stage to perform a very long speech set to music, in a way. 

I feel like there is some leadership involved/required/granted to us. Many of us (songwriters/musicians, etc) try to skirt the whole issue entirely by performing/writing dance music or music strictly for entertainment purposes and there's nothing wrong with that, but again, due to my background, my father, my experiences, it's more than just showing off for me. The ironic thing is that some of the harshness that my father directed to me about being a songwriter/singer was due to his thought that I was just a "ham" which was probably projection on his part. Or a justification for being a jerk to me. 

Anyway, my friend Jenny asked me to write a protest song and I had one almost done so I recorded that for her, but that was not specific enough, I didn't name any names, so I (I almost want to say I have "no idea" how I did this) but I sat down on Wednesday and wrote another one, which is now called "Putin's Call" and I spent 1/2 the day today tweaking it and writing it out/practicing it, getting ready, trying to do a quick set up in my music studio to record it live. I mean, I did it. And it's up. 

I didn't really have the time or inclination to be super elaborate with it because I'd already spent a lot of time all together on the songs, etc. and other things to do and my daughter only had 1/2 day of school today, etc. etc. But Jenny thought my voice wasn't loud enough in the video and she wanted me to rerecord it but there was no time.

I'll be the first to admit that the technical aspect of recording is illusive to me. I wish I had a better basic knowledge of recording myself, but whatever. Jenny's idea is for this song to *go viral* which is like the lottery these days. It's similar to the canard back in the day that "if you're *good* enough, you'll get discovered." Whatever. As a long-time someone who is not well-known, I can only really say, whatever. 

However, if it IS my civic duty to rally the troops, then I will heed the call. Will the songs be great? I dunno. Does it matter? I mean, for some song to resonate with a large group of people, it probably should be sort of accessible, with easy to understand metaphors and simple, singable melodic hooks. Right? Some of my songs I really do sweat over. Every inch, every note, etc. 


Ok, here's the link: https://youtu.be/PDj78oePAI4 I might try to replace the video with a louder track. I'll see.

gotta go.



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