working through the pain--watch the video for Lost!!!

Well, I'm not all better. Pins and needles, can't play the guitar or piano (much) etc. Stretching and heat and snow and massage and tylenol. ouch.

So, I started to get the video for "Lost" out. First on fb, then twitter and now instagram. I hope you like it! It has a glitch, a "happy accident" that I like though I hope the sequence is ok for people with light sensitivity. It's pretty mild, but I've read about how strobe lighting can cause seizures. There is no strobe lighting here though.

We could always do a recut for the radio edit version...hmmm.

the video for Drive is now coming along. I'm so grateful for the people who edit my videos. 

Then I got the vocal cut for "Someday" and was pretty moved. I don't know Ainjel does it, really. She can pull it out of me and it's kind of amazing. I really thought the vocal would be sort of terrible, embarrassing, really. I guess my voice is there even if I'm not 100% confident. 

I watched the video of the UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi. She's incredible. As a child, I was too afraid to do a back handspring though I desperately wanted to do one. I knew it would feel unbelievable, but...for that you really need to be enrolled. 


My daughter wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy because it's the favorite show of a friend at school, so we started last night. I'd never seen it, and I realize now it's because I didn't go to medical school, also something I wanted to do. Well, sort of. I had mixed feelings after volunteering in the NICU my final year of undergrad. It awoke the philosopher in me. 

But anyway, it's a great show, and it is a great show. 1/2 way through she turned to me and said, "Mom, the music is really good!" and I thought that was so cool. And I just looked it up-the show started in 2005 so the music holds up. Nice to know, right?


We're supposed to get a lot of snow tonight. Could be fun, hopefully I won't hurt my arm worse if I play outside. My daughter was so mad at me last weekend for pulling my son on a sled. She was jealous and wanted me to sled with her. We worked that one through, because we were together, at least, right? 


I'm making some menswear outfits for a fashion show in NYC during Fashion Week in Feb. I'm actually excited to make the outfits. Fingers crossed arms are better. I'm going to make a few bags, too. YOLO. My friend Kellene asked me to dress her models. She's the jewelry genius who did the Betsey Johnson/Patti Smith runway accessories collection with me. Her skills are beyond my comprehension. She makes fine jewelry during the day, and TBH I wish I could afford to have her make me something amazing. For her own pieces, she likes crystals and color and large pieces. 


anyway, I hope you like the redesign of the website. Maybe, just maybe I'm getting the hang of this. One can only hope :)

have a great week,



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