So, I'm very behind in the blog. I wanted to start working on a Patreon page/account but have been a bit busy with other things. 

when it's not time to sit here and type I seem to get so many ideas of what to write! but now, blank page and my mind goes blank as well.


I've been working on organizing my song archive. Most of my songs are in some form on my computer, but I want a paper copy of the lyrics/chords as well. I've generated a lot of files and have a very old binder called "The Complete Leslie Nuss" but it was stored somewhere at sometime where it got water damage, plus I have a lot of new songs.

For every song I've recorded/released, there is at least one that has not been, but when I look at the titles/lyrics, I remember them. Sometimes i ask myself why am I doing this? But the answer is --it's my life's work! And I want a record of what I did. Maybe in the future there will be an interest, or rather more of an interest.


I'm rehearsing with this drummer, Tomm and he's a super positive kind of guy which is really nice. The whole thing feels like sisyphus, though and the level of patience required to maintain what I'm doing seems to be huge. 


Last week I spoke to 7th graders for career day at my daughter's school. I thought it was going to be about fashion design, so I prepared for that, and even gave myself a 1 hour challenge that morning to make a dress to wear-which I did, but when I got there I was told I was going to talk about being a singer/songwriter, which bummed me out because I would have brought my cds and a whole slew of different things. However, it was good and the kids were mostly attentive. There seemed to be one girl in particular who really wanted to be a songwriter for her career and that was exciting for me. I hope I helped her. 

One thing that was hard was when a student asked me about how much money I made/was I famous, etc. How to answer these questions? I felt like that was a higher level of conversation/a whole separate issue. I felt somewhat embarrassed that I could not honestly say that I was able to support myself (at this time--obviously I did support myself before I had kids)


one very cool thing is that we bought a new house. it's in the dunes and was built in 1957. No one had lived in it for 6 years and was being sold as a teardown, but the house is incredible and that would have been a crime. I loved it from the moment I saw it and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I got something I wanted. It was touch and go, though because of course as soon as we put in an offer, other people realized that we were about to get something really good and lined up behind us, which made us nervous. However, one thing I've learned is that if you really want something, pay full price. Then the seller has less reason to back out. Also, this house was built using great materials and while many people would want to do a gut renovation, it really isn't necessary. Luckily, the style is midcentury modern, making it easily adaptable to today. 


Some of my very favorite memories are of when I worked at a camp in Saugatuck, MI on Lake Michigan and so this house is a good thing for me. We can see the lake from the house and are surrounded by nature. I told my husband that I would have had to be a real rock star to be able to afford this house by myself, so I can shrug my shoulders, because I guess I can live like a rock star without actually being one. Good trick, right? Anyway, I am looking forward to more peace in my life. Currently the beach is very small, I think the water level is high (?) but there's enough to lay on and enjoy the sound of the waves. When I go there, I feel good. 


anyway, I don't think I'll make up the blog posts I skipped. Time is going to get more precious soon with the kids almost out of school and I need to get more efficient. I would like to get a Patreon started, but first I might finish work on my capsule collection and take it to the stores I've scoped out. I think I can make a couple of cool dresses rather quickly--which means they could be made in the US. Yesterday I tried my hand at making a t-shirt-I made a baseball style one. Closer, closer!!!


be back next week.

Happy Memorial Day!


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