new album

Well, I'm back to making records again. Did two songs with my side project, Specx and now doing 10-12 or maybe even more songs in New York with producer Kyle Paas. The Specx songs are crisp and clean and the solo project is ethereal, slow and epic (for the most part.) It's enervating to be doing this again and terribly exciting-I'm up at 5:30 on the west coast because I wake up now with melodies in my head and thoughts about this project. Going on a vacation today to Alaska, brought my baby taylor and will see what happens. Specx is named after a sea captain who sailed to Japan around 1600 and to be truthful, I'm kind of scared of being on a boat. But, it seems like a once in a lifetime kind of thing plus I want to see whales and the glaciers before they all melt. 

I need to update this website so am going to get to it. thanks for reading!

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