Hi. I'm working on a Patreon, so this blog might move over there. The gold standard of Patreons seems to be Amanda Palmer and she's incredible! I'll have to see what kind of an introductory video I can put together.

It's a curious thing, but "we shall see." It would be nice to know that I can count on some revenue to help execute some of these creative ventures. 

I'm creating a log for my paintings/artworks and that's kind of cool. Documenting the work, keeping a record and a copy in one place. It would be extremely nice to sell work this year. That's my goal! I started a very large canvas last summer and wasn't happy with it and had moved my paints and brushes into Fred's woodshop and now I'm bringing it all back into my studio where I think I'll be more comfortable. 

It's a challenge to hew to the dimensions of this studio and make everything fit/work. Acquire and disperse. 

Just got back from a rehearsal with a drummer named Tomm to play my new song-going to debut a new me next week at this Nora Project Night. Tomm had a keyboard and it was pretty easy to transition from piano to keyboard. He said he could book us gigs as a duo and I said: I'm all ears! (booking gigs is one of my least favorite activities--if I don't have to hustle for a gig, I'm so much happier!) He seems like he can take care of the details-payment, etc...yea! 

Then/Also, I got asked to make some clothing for someone who's going to Cannes, but I think I'm only going to make 1 garment, not 4. It's fun to do, but I don't want to do it because it's unpaid.....and....forces me to rearrange my schedule/squeeze other things out. 

Ceramics is on the back burner, but I was thinking if that was a tier of Patreon, I would be back on it. 

Last week I went off coffee for 5 or 6 days. I felt good, but then...and this always happens, I just go right back to it and I like it and I don't like it at the same time. (I only have 1 cup a day, so it's not some crazy thing). 

OH> I know, I was going to break down one of my songs for y'all--the meaning behind every line. But right now, a nap is calling me. 

So yeah, this one is short. 

but I can say that I revised the song mentioned above and played it yesterday for Waz. When I finished, he actually used the word "great." He said it was vastly better! (I just put it into a more straight-ahead structure) so yea! I told him that my goal is to stun him. One day, I'm going to walk in there and play something and he's going to be stunned. That's what I'm living for. 

have a great week!!! xoxoxox


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