Hi. I'm working on a Patreon, so this blog might move over there. The gold standard of Patreons seems to be Amanda Palmer and she's incredible! I'll have to see what kind of an introductory video I can put together.


What is my purpose?

So, this q has been on my mind this week. I was feeling underemployed and not sure how to reconcile that. I mean, do I even need to have a purpose? (now I'm thinking of the cat in the movie…



macro/micro to me means studying something personal and applying it more generally or the reverse. (I didn't know what to call this post and so that popped into my head)


but I was thinking of my mom and how…


Special Olympics

So, yeah. I have been liking posting on IG, it seems like a good way to get things out there. 

I didn't post two Fridays ago-did I do that one early? but anyway I was busy getting ready to go…


gig, taxes, the futility of being a recording artist

Hi. I was unable to log in a few days ago so that's why this post is late. Something about something.

But the gig went really well-really, one of my best and I will upload the show to youtube, just…


gig today, how did I get here?

That Talking Heads song sometimes gives me pause. I think I ask myself this maybe too much-how did I get here? Why did I apply to be on Project Runway when I'm recording music? I still feel like I'm in…


Show on Friday/Las Vegas trip/20 years ago...

Alright, I'm behind again, but was away with my daughter, in Vegas. It's fun to type Vegas because I really want to type Las Vegas. We loved it. Being on vacation is awesome. She didn't want to leave. It was…



ok. so I just got a new keyboard. it is hard to use, but hopefully better for my hands. yuck. I want to touch my fingers together like I always do on a regular keyboard but cannot do that now…



What a crazy week in the world. Shine a light, people!

I think I am yet again one week behind on the blog? I'm not even sure. But the kids are in school, the snow has melted and I'm making…


pain. is painful

so. I owe two weeks of blogs. no worries. last week-the kids were both home and had hardly been in school the entire week and so there was no time to write, + pain anyway and then this week 4…


working through the pain--watch the video for Lost!!!

Well, I'm not all better. Pins and needles, can't play the guitar or piano (much) etc. Stretching and heat and snow and massage and tylenol. ouch.

So, I started to get the video for "Lost" out. First on fb, then…



First of all, I don't think we're meant to sit at desks all day or in chairs, period. And typing on a laptop could be improved. I'm sitting upright in a hammock and even this feels better. Of course, lying…