Hi. We are in the middle of recording 5 tracks at Gravity Studios in Chicago. We, include producer Doug McBride, Keyboardist Andrew Bray, Guitarist Nic Byrd, Bassist Scott Pazera and Drummer Kevan Watson. It's going well. We did the basic tracks in 3 days back in January. Now it's going in and adding parts.

This past week I went in and did semi-acoustic with my John Gray custom arch top on 4 tracks and sang on one song, Bell Tolls. Doug and I tried out 3 microphones to get the one that captured my voice the best and chose the Bock 151. Doug asked me to put some vibrato at the end of some lines, but I had to tell him that Kyle Kelso (producer of cd#2-Action Hero Superstar) didn't like vibrato and got me to sort of eliminate it from my voice. Oh well! I tried to put some back. You can be the judge :)

Overall, the recording is going really well. I love being in the studio and creating something new. Hope you love it when all's said and done. xoxo

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