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I need to start rehearsing for my next gig, Dec. 13th. And started to make a new strap for my guitar that supports my shoulders/spine better, but my first prototype was too small, straps weren't long enough. So, need to make sample #2. 

The set list is pretty easy, it's just narrowing it down of course. I'm only going to play a short set since I have a booth as well, which makes it even easier! After  playing 3 hour gigs with Specx, 1/2 hour is going to be a breeze. 

Something I'm excited about is that I'm going to have a booth at a motorcycle and vintage car show next June. I love vintage cars, so this will be fun for me, too. I sort of dream about getting my own vintage car fixed up and actually driving it there. It could really use a paint job and new carpet (my older brother keeps reminding me) and a tune up.

I bought it sight unseen out of a newspaper ad when I was in San Francisco in late 2002. I paid for it with money I earned from having the song "Time Capsule" used on the NBC show called "All About Us" and had it loaded onto a semi truck and driven out to Chicago where I happened to be living at the time. That car broke down a lot, but I still loved it. The heat was not great and there was no A/C but I just loved the mechanicalness of it, meaning nothing was/is automatic. It's a BMW2002 from 1975. 

I love the chrome, and folding up the front seats to get into the back. I love the triangle windows in the front and it even has a sun roof! Before I got one, I used to get so excited every time I saw one, which wasn't often. Anyway, it's such a nice thought on a rainy day. 

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