composing at the keyboard. forgot to write down the topic I had in my head this week, but school's out and summer is at our doorstep.

I wrote "Patience" at the top because at the beginning of the year I wanted to book a short tour in Europe, but then I got asked to make clothes for a fashion show, then I got an application for Project Runway, and then life seemed to go in a different direction. 

What is the course, I ask myself all the time. Who am I? Am I living up to my potential (never, it seems). But then most likely two new eps will get released in the next few months and if I can get the money together, more videos and so maybe next summer is my best bet for a small tour. So-patience.

I had wanted to buy a nice keyboard with weighted keys but that can wait, too. I'm not at the place yet with piano where I can just play all my old songs on piano without writing a chart, so guitar seems best in the short term. I'm learning "So Far Away" and how nice to place my hands (and voice) where Carole King has. I stan her now and am in awe of her songwriting. 

Piano lesson yesterday and Waz is now helping me to focus on the introduction and solo for one of my songs, which is great. I need to write a more melodic part for both. 

I'm not sure how much I'll get done this summer with the kids out of school, though right after I typed that I remembered how last year I put out my ep, shot 3 videos, played shows, drove to SD with my daughter, etc. But this summer I want to hang out on the beach every day. Lake Michigan really is beautiful. 

A woman who does behavior therapy with my son said she'd read my memoir (this after I told her some of my experiences with pregnancy/birth) and so I thought about that again. Having even 1 guaranteed reader helps. I finally got the program Final Cut (for screenplays) on my laptop and so thought that would be a cool format to use for a memoir. To just type. So, "we'll see" (kind of kills me that someone who shall be nameless also uses a variation of that phrase)

I'm very glad it's warmer now. I try to like all seasons, but being able to hang outside and feel warm/see things bloom and grow/see baby creatures is very nice. 

Our new house is amazing, even though it's being worked on and we can't use it much yet. I wonder how I'll feel when we get furniture and can stay overnight. The design is basically a big box, which is not typical for houses, and yet it's a great design. Usually people seems to want turrets and little corners and twists and turns which I always find a bit rabbit-warren-y and not peaceful, but to each their own. 


Who will atone for all these sins of the current administration? Humans seem so good at not atoning. At denial. It makes me wonder. The planet cries and who tries to soothe? (auto correct just tried to make my "to" into "too". Weird) A squirrel outside flaps its tail around and I'm momentarily comforted. "I want to live where the wild things are," I think. If squirrels could twerk, then that's what it's doing. 

Have a great week!



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