Sputtering along 

Right, so if you want to read more, please go to Patreon and sponsor me for $1/month. I think I may even remove the other options. It's not really about the money, but rather, support. 

I need to start rehearsing for my next gig, Dec. 13th. And started to make a new strap for my guitar that supports my shoulders/spine better, but my first prototype was too small, straps weren't long enough. So, need to make sample #2. 

The set list is pretty easy, it's just narrowing it down of course. I'm only going to…

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News Dump 

since I'm moving my blog to Patreon (until further notice) here is a news dump from my home page. xo

October. Ok, I have a gig in Paris for February. Yea! And my hand has gotten a lot better. Patreon is a hustle, which if you know me, is a struggle. But it's there. Have my merchandise worked out, doing another merch show on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. Now working on gigs for 2020-right now I'm focusing on Ohio and Kentucky as a 3 piece.


September! Launching a Patreon. Please go here…

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Blog Moving to Patreon! 

On this, September 12, 2019, such a week/time of year filled with many memories of 9/11, I decided that now is the time to launch over at Patreon. I watched an intro video that says people need to be told 6-7 times before they will act, ie before they'll sign up, but I did it. I started it.

So, I'm going to focus on blogging there. I might put a paragraph of my blog posts here as well, with a "to read more go to Patreon and become a subscriber" so there's that.

the link is:


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gaining steam 

ok. so, if you saw on instagram, I posted photos of my studios and they have come such a long way even in the past few months. AND I even swapped things around yesterday/today because I realized I needed a little table next to the piano so I can notate my songs better. I finished a song this week since Waz was asking me about songwriting, but I had to keep getting up and going to my desk to handwrite out chords, etc and that did slow down my flow and momentum.

Why am I writing new songs when I have 8 that…

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darn. my right hand is going numb. and I'm a bit knackered. but I'm listening to the mastering sessions for my second and third eps and yeah, they sound great. So exciting to have more women working on these songs-and will be hard to stagger the releases. 

and the lyrics! Right now "in the culture" a lot of people are saying how terrible the lyrics are, how music is about the beat, the rhythm, the production, but for me, the songs are almost always about the lyrics. And I'm super proud of these coming up.

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back on track 

ok. I think I know what I'm doing now. I've been reading "Becoming" by Michelle Obama and it's just so good. She's a wonderful storyteller and her story is a good one. Also, inspirational and I'm struck by what a benefit it was for her to have an extended family that was aware of their blackness and the culture they live in. 

Because, I think my story isn't that unlike hers, but my family did not discuss much of anything, really, but specifically, how to get ahead. So I really admire her family for that…

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glop/studio/summer vacation 

So I stopped fasting. I think I was getting nervous about passing day 16 and passing out, so I started drinking broth made with bullion cubes and ended up oversalting myself and swelling up then taking some potassium. I'm good now, no worries, and most of the pain in my arm/hand is gone but my right thumb and pointer finger are still somewhat numb and get pins and needles. 

Not sure if I can mount another fast anytime soon, so I may end up getting some tests done. In my mind, I think my body is healing…

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I had to clean out our small fish pond this week, which coincides with a water fast I'm doing and I was glad because it gave me the analogy that as I was cleaning out the gunk in the pond, I'm cleaning out the gunk in my body.

I had been feeling very depressed and emotional, which some studies are showing can be linked to our gut biome, and very achy-especially the flareup of carpal tunnel plus a numbness in the index finger of my right hand (which I realized might be from turing the volume knob for the…

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been too long 

Hi. I haven't been in front of my laptop much since my last post...meant to catch up, but kids are home and new house to fix up and had carpal tunnel flare up and not up for typing a blog post from my phone. So here I am with a small window of clarity.

I've been following this Epstein story, maybe too much, but it horrifies me and I want to see where it goes. Will justice be served? Long ago, when I lived in NYC, someone told me about rich, powerful men having sex with underage girls. She mentioned a…

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composing at the keyboard. forgot to write down the topic I had in my head this week, but school's out and summer is at our doorstep.

I wrote "Patience" at the top because at the beginning of the year I wanted to book a short tour in Europe, but then I got asked to make clothes for a fashion show, then I got an application for Project Runway, and then life seemed to go in a different direction. 

What is the course, I ask myself all the time. Who am I? Am I living up to my potential (never, it seems). But…

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