back on track

ok. I think I know what I'm doing now. I've been reading "Becoming" by Michelle Obama and it's just so good. She's a wonderful storyteller and her story is a good one. Also, inspirational and I'm struck by what a benefit it was for her to have an extended family that was aware of their blackness and the culture they live in. 

Because, I think my story isn't that unlike hers, but my family did not discuss much of anything, really, but specifically, how to get ahead. So I really admire her family for that. And for supporting her. I always loved the story of who her father was, and in her book I appreciated all the additional details. 

Anyway, was feeling a bit glum because summer vacation with the kids can be hard-especially with a kid with multiple special needs, but school starts next week. and even though I think it's too early, especially since Lake Michigan is really getting warmer now, it is what it is. Why can't we have all of August off? Such a better month to vacation. But oh well.

My daughter loved camp and what a great experience for her, to be with all girls. Girl Power! And they are all so supportive of each other. Lots of love to go around. After being glued to her phone for 4 days straight, now she's out for a run. Hurrah!

On the way back from picking her up from camp we stopped in a great record store in Grand Rapids called Vertigo. How wonderful to be able to pursue the vast selection of vinyl. There were a few Kate Bush boxed sets that would make nice presents (for me) duly pointed out to my husband.


Ok, so the 8 new tracks are closer to getting mastered. Yea! And a release schedule being bandied about. And the seedlings for touring munched on and my merchandise idea clarified. Now I'm still babying my right arm. Pointer finger still numb as I type but overall the arm is very much better. I need to look up some info on carpal tunnel/guitar playing and see if there's anything else I can learn about how to heal/prevent future mishaps.

My son turns 11 next week. It's a bit shocking, but here we are. I'd like to plan some kind of party-last year I was frankly too overwhelmed to have a kids one, but he would like an outing at the local arcade and riding the go-karts, or playing in a gym, or having a dance party, or etc. He doesn't like sugary foods (except for applesauce-but that's with no added sugar, ie "natural") so I'm going to look up making some kind of cake with apple sauce or apples. He's only eaten cake I think 2x in his life! But it would be nice if he did have some for his b-day.


I've been so horrified by the theft of the WH and the literal theft from the treasury for nefarious purposes and the violence incited and the immigrants traumatized and the feeling of powerlessness that goes along with it. Sometimes I wonder who I might have been had my father not frightened me away from a life in politics after telling people I'd be the first woman president. I was all ready to commit my life to serving others and I did see it as a calling. Why he did this, I'll never know. He could surely be very hateful and full of misogyny, and he seemed to relish trying to thwart my ambitions, which lies in stark contrast to how Michelle Obama's family supported her. I've often said that the kids who turn out the best have a gentle father and perhaps that's why I admired Fraser Robinson III so much. What a kind and loving man. What a good person. And so sad to think he didn't get to live to see his daughter as FLOTUS! I had to wipe some tears away just typing/thinking about that. 

I'm excited to play shows next year. It will be a year long tour, even if it's dates here and there. I will summon the energy needed to do this. xoxo

have a great week!


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