bandcamp. and spotify. and now it's called V

So yeah. Not having a bandcamp page will soon seem so quaint to me. Like using a manual typewriter. So I did it! It's there. It's been started, but it seems like an endless store fron. I know nothing about having a true store and though I wanted to get a lot of things up there before I hit "publish" Ainjel urged me to just get it going.

I'll have to figure out how to announce when I've added new things. 

I also changed the name of the ep to V. It seems a bit naked, this V. Like the words around the old title somehow protected it, but hey-you ask people on social media for their opinion and you take what you get.

This is all because the need to be on Spotify is real. No matter that Spotify pays something like .026 /stream. And the text on the cover of the ep must match the title of the ep. (what do they do for the Beatle's White Album?) So V it is.

And I just got interviewed for a music blog that should be up next week. I'll mention it here when it is up and also put it on social media.

The internet and our reliance on all things digital seems a bit precarious these days. Last week our local grocery store's system was infected with ransomware and lost two days of sales-the day before and the day of Thanksgiving, which no doubt were big earning days for them and I thought how horrible it was, for the store and also the employees--I'm assuming many are hourly and lost wages. 

And it just seems that we can assume that all of our phones and data and everything is hacked. That's probably not true, but it's just a bit weird and potentially dangerous. And yet, there are good things, like the ability to have a blog. 

Ok, have to take a breath here. 

Need to get back to making things for this pop up shop next weekend. Feeling a bit harried and stressed, the realization that I can, for the most part, only depend on myself here is a bit daunting. However, the only way through it is to get cracking. This will be a good test for me to see and gauge people's reactions.

ok, gotta go and get working.

have a great week,


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