Right. So today in the NYT there was an article about clutter and stress and that the two are related. Ok, so then, that's obvious-get rid of the clutter, right? But it's hard sometimes.

I had started to clean off my desk, so this was good timing for me to pull it together, to start the year off "on the right foot" etc. And I spent time rearranging-always. For some reason, there always seems to be a better way to display what I've got, box up what I've got etc. And of course, it does look a lot better now. 

But cleaning up is a bit of a sham, because then I seem to need to do the next space, then the next then the next and pretty soon I'm doing the first space again. But maybe not? Maybe this time I'll get it? I've got my big studio to straighten up. The music area, too. Then the shed. Then the garage...I mean, if I'm being truthful. The garage, though. 

Clutter causes women stress, but that's because it seems to be women who tackle the clutter. My husband would just throw everything out. But I wasn't raised that way, so this pile needs to go to recycling, this pile needs to go to the thrift store, this pile I need to send off to people, etc. And since my husband seems to be anti-closet, a lot of things are out and visible, so then they need to be displayed nicely. Such a first world problem. 

But, living with the end in sight, I try to not be like my father who used to prevent us from giving away all the paperback books he read because he was "going to read them again someday." Which he never did and many ended up in the basement and dampish and got thrown away. 

Plus, as I told my daughter today, I need to be a role model for her. If I want her to have a clean and organized room, then I need to set an example. 


I had been kind of down for a few days. Long break, arm/wrist/fingers hurt and pain is really something. And what to do, what's next, what do I do now floods my brain. So until I get a clear plan, I fret. But I did spend some time speculating. All well and good.

I have some friends who are able to plan out their whole year, sort of. I said they are like generals. Such an amazing skill. So, I keep that in mind and see if I might get better at that. Usually, I fail to reconcile all the various calendars I have and dates I need to remember such as 1/2 days for the kids schools, appointments. But it certainly would be easier if I didn't feel like I was scrambling. 

This year I'm going to work on performing more, and finishing up and releasing the other two eps, videos, etc. It's a lot (or so it seems to me) but other people do this and much more, so what's the big deal, right? 

Right now I'm in my loft, it's 1/2 covered in legos-it's a cool space so I want my daughter to hang out here and she's building the great hall of Hogwarts and the fantastic beasts, and I've hung up some multi-colored tiny lights and there's something kind of happy about them. They prevent a space from taking itself too seriously, that's for sure. 

I feel like this year is going to be a good one for me, personally. I feel a bit guilty thinking that, but it will be. It's good to be clear, it's good to plan, it's good to live in the moment. 

"May you live in interesting times," right?

We do need insects, though. I'm curious to know what entomologists think. The loss of insects could be a harbinger, a Dr. Seussian/Lorax moment and it makes me wonder. 

I know this is a bit meandering. Sorry. I had thought about writing up an epiphany I had about my father, or dissecting the lyrics to one of my songs-but I forgot which one that was, so here we are talking about clutter. 

Oh I know. I need more people who would like to wear (and pay for) the clothes that I make. Using up some of this fabric and the trim, etc that I have would certainly cut down on my clutter. So I've been thinking about that, too. Which goes back to my goals for the year, finding some more shops to foist some of my output on, figuring out how to reach *the people*. 

I'm working on it. 

Stay positive! Have a great week,



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